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Wakefield Trinity • What we currently look like for 2023

This for me is where Mash has the advantages, he’s brought these young through the set up, he knows them inside out and He’ll make the informed judgement when the time is right as to when these lads are up to the rigours of SL. The more I think about his head coaching appointment the more it makes sense to a club that has to look towards its youth set up more than most due to money restraints . Get a standout half like Salford and a workmanlike team around you and all pulling in the same direction , and your going places. Losing miller may be a blessing if we can get the right man to replace him . Salford have a knack of picking up rare quality players who transform the team around them , Hastings and now Crofts have got those abilities, and you certainly don’t need a team bristling with super star as they have proven time and time again in recent seasons

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Rugby League Supporters Association Online

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