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Wakefield Trinity • Re: Time to break the Cas hoodoo, Cas(a) on Friday

wrencat1873 wrote:

It's taken a couple of days to come down after that.
Yes, we all hoped for an elusive win but, we absolutely dominated them from minute 1 till the final hooter.
The Murphy length of the field effort and of course, Fifita going 25/30 metres and beating half their side were stand out moments.

Mind you, Hicks was trying very hard to keep Cas in the game and had this match not been televised, it would have been 6 -6 at HT (Cas given Try on field - overturned and Trinity given no try - overturned).

It's easy to get a little paranoid when bottom of the league but, boy, he didn't have the greatest game of his life (understatement).

Onwards and upwards, fantastic performance (and result) and lets hope we can use this going into the last few games.


I thought the video ref should have over-ruled the Jamie Shaul one too to be honest. One of the angles clearly showed the ball on the line before Shaul went into touch.

Statistics: Posted by Fordy — Mon Aug 01, 2022 8:33 am



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