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Warrington Wolves • 2023 Squad

.Are we shaping up to look something like this next year given confirmed and strongly rumoured signings?

1 Thewlis/Ratchford
2 Wrench
3 Mata'utia
4 King
5 Ashton
6 Dufty/Dean
7 Williams
8 Vaughan
9 Walker
10 Dudson
11 Holmes
12 Currie
13 Maguire

14 Clark
15 Kasiano
16 Mikaele
17 Harrison

with the additional of Philbin, Bullock, Minikin, Longstaff plus a sprinkling of some excellent Academy lads stepping up.

Questions for me still about:
1) lack of punch in the second row although we may find they get a lot more space next season off a more dominant front row
2) leadership and captaincy
3) goal kicking if Ratchford not starting

but overall an improvement on this year with lots of pace in the backs in Wrench, Thewlis, Ashton and Dufty and a stronger front row.

Statistics: Posted by Kevin Turvey — Sat Jun 18, 2022 10:45 am — Replies 118 — Views 16680



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