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London Broncos • Newcastle -Home fixture

Looking at this from a commercial sense, if your a London Broncos accountant masquerading as a CEO, if you have been told you will be certain of being in the 2x10 structure if you move to PL, regardless of squad and League status, why would you tell the fans that you would be playing a shell team for the next 2 years as we are assured of being in the 2x10. If you did the most fans would say ok, we will be back in 2024, we will spend our money on other activities, and you end up with gates of 200 hard core who don't mind losing by 60+ each week.

They must have known they would lose fans with the joke squad this year, but at least they would have the Season Ticket revenue for 2022 in the bag.

After all I think they abandonded their existing fans, and hoped to replace them with Dons fans, plus new locals. But thats not going to work with a shell squad

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