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Wakefield Trinity • Ryan Hampshire

STB wrote:

I think with money being tight, Ryan more than likely would never have been first choice in any of his favoured positions and so was in the pool most likely to be cut. Dare I say also that Michael Carter had probably had enough of the family/Normanton entourage publicly decrying the club and him personally on too many occasions? It seemed like it was a definite decision by Carter on this occasion, having dithered last time around before Chester got involved.

Although I’m sure his resident cheerleader didn’t help I think you are giving MC to much importance on this. If WP had wanted to keep Ryan he would have, Carter sets the budget but Poching decides how it’s spent. The writing was on the wall when Gaskell was signed and Lino proved himself.

The only thing MC may have put his foot down on would have been the alleged Covid issue and I say alleged because I don’t know.

I think by now we know MC is a stickler for rules as most accountants are, he seems fairly inflexible in that regard to me. People may or may not think that’s a good thing but he’s been very consistent through the years.

I tend to think it was just a players career at the club running its course.

Getting back to people connected with players posting on here it’s interesting to note that they all seemed to have stopped. Make of that what you will but for the life of me I could never understand what they thought they were achieving publicly criticising the club’s management, bizarre and gross misconduct at some companies,

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