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Wigan Warriors • George Burgess

Lam has said he’s having a period of rest now from games to work on his hip and try to get it right. It’s the right call and I’m glad they’ve come out and spoken about it. Lam has said they’re all gutted for him with how things have gone and he’s gutted that he’s been unable to contribute. He’s asked the fans to try and be understanding. I called earlier in the week for them to start talking about it and not just sweep it under the carpet. If people know how frustrated he is they’re likely to be more forgiving and not jump to the conclusion that he just doesn’t care and is happy to pick up his money.

He needs to take as long as it takes, even if that is the rest of the season IMO. When he comes back next time we surely need to see him visibly looking far more comfortable and mobile to then have the confidence he can get over this.

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