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Hull FC - • Re: End of Season Report

Wilde 3 wrote:

My thoughts, feel free to agree or disagree!

Jamie Shaul - single figures for tries and assists make him the least effective Full Back in SL. Cannot pass and either needs to learn this skill, or his position is under threat (I would move Carlos to FB!). Tonight demonstrated what he lacks, and if we cannot use him as a pivot, he should be there as an option for offloads, but on the numerous half breaks we made tonight, he was nowhere.

Bureta Faraimo - mixed bag from Bureta. No doubt his go forward out of back field is strong, but defensively he is poor. I don't know if that is purely down to him, or a combination of his inside defenders getting it wrong forcing him into making a decision to stick to his winger, or shoot out to force an error - but he needs to improve this. Next year I can see him sharing the left wing position with Swift.

Carlos Tuimavave - underrated by many, but I like this kid. Very classy with the ball, strong and good defensively. I would have him training at FB next season, to allow Connor and Fonua to be the centres (with Griff and Scott as the back up). Some of his better games in the NRL were at full back, chiming into the line, and can miss a man with a pass which our current FB cannot.

Josh Griffin - good season from Griff. The move through to Hull and his surgery at the end of last season definitely helping his consistency levels. Sounds like he will be moving into the back row, and being used at Centre if short there due to injury. Unsure on the success of this move, and if he has the work rate/stamina to be a good 2nd rower

Jake Connor - well, what can be said. Incredibly gifted and capable of sublime moments, and completely stupid moments. He seems the kind of player that consistently needs to be told how good he is, and is a test of Radford's management skills. I have said it before but, this kid could be a world class centre, but only a good stand off. Needs to focus on that role and continue on from the middle of this season when his combination with Kelly and Ratu was fantastic.

Ratu Naulago - Find of the season! Went quiet towards the end of the season but looking forward to next year and what he can do. Needs to be more composed if/when he makes a break, tries to force it too much (maybe a trait from his 7's experience), but that will come as he grows into Rugby League.

Albert Kelly - essential he stays fit next season, but for that to happen, he needs to lose some weight. He looks double what he was in 2017! His defence continues to be outstanding and love his aggression, but needs to get that yard of pace back to be a threat with the ball again.

Marc Sneyd - I see so many flaw's to his game that I continue to have disagreements with fans about Sneyd. People will raise his Lance Todd trophies, but if we are saying that Radford should be judged on now and not his cup wins, then the same should be for Sneyd. His passing is wayward, his kicking is tentative (attacking kicks, where he just dabs it in the air instead of putting his boot through it), his inability to attack the line and commit defenders to allow his outside runners to have more space. He would definitely benefit from an attack coach

Scott Taylor - below par for me for the majority of this year. Cannot doubt his passion for the badge, and he has improved the last few games. I think this is down to having people like Bowden and Satae in the side and we are not reliant on 60 minutes a game from him. Hope (selfishly) he doesn't get in the GB side and can benefit from a rest and attack next year with a new look pack around him.

Danny Houghton - again, below par for me. Distribution and decision making from Danny contribute to his lack of international recognition. Perhaps our attack is stifled by such slow passing from DH, and at times is very wayward. Can't knock his defence, but would definitely benefit from being interchanged with JJ next year

Micky Paea - decent. Good games where he made some good carries, but inconsistent. Enjoy your retirement

Sika Manu - decent. Lacked the impact and intensity of previous seasons, but he admits his body wasn't right this year. Perhaps a year too many for Sika but thank you for the memories

Mark Minichiello - I like Mark. Ultimate professional which I hope has rubbed off onto some of our younger players. Will go down in history for the 2016 and 2017 cup wins, and also for knocking on in every single game he played! Enjoy your retirement Mini!

Josh Bowden - this season was about getting his confidence and fitness back. He will be keen to get a strong pre season in, good squad player. Hits hard in D.

Joe Westerman - started the season well, added another threat with the ball, but when you are going to be remembered for your knee cap as opposed to what you did with the ball, maybe says it all.

Masi Matongo - awful year for the kid, but sometimes these things define you as a person. Hits hard in defence, but would like to see him run his weight more, he certainly has the size.

Brad Fash - did OK, teachers pet. Decent back up for next year.

The rest will continue to add depth to an all round stronger squad next season!

Roll on 2020

Good post, the only thing I disagree with Sneyd.
He doesnt attack the line, as he very rarely has support players., IF he did attack the line,he would be getting frequently bashed. Again this is a failure of attack preparation.
When Matty Smith was at Wigan,he never got tackled, he always attacked the line,as he always had 2/3 players with him..
Apart from that, an excellent appraisal..

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