Modern pentathlon
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Pentathlon Siblings

Introducing the first two Australian's to qualify for Rio 2016.

The two young people in our next story have just been selected to represent Australia in the pentathlon. They also just happen to be brother and sister.
Here's Matt to tell us more about them and the 5 events they'll be tackling in Rio.

It's a sport with challenges unlike any other. Competitors have to swim, run, shoot, fence and ride their way to victory. This is the Modern Pentathlon. And for brother and sister, Max and Chloe, it's a sport they love. It's also something they're really, really good at. Soon they'll be competing together at the Olympic Games in Rio.

MAX: It was an honour knowing I was going to represent my country, and being this young, I’m over the moon.

For now, they're hard at work training for the event. And with five different areas to master in the modern pentathlon, there's a lot to do!

CHLOE: Normally we'll do, like, four to five session as day, so it's a full-on day, like, it's a full-time job.

The sports involved in the modern pentathlon might seem like a strange mix, but they're based on the skills a soldier would need in the 19th century. While those skills might seem a bit outdated now, the event hasn't changed all that much. Although these days competitors shoot with a laser pistol!

Max and Chloe have grown up with the sport. Their dad was a pentathlete too, representing Australia at the 1984 Olympics.

DANIEL ESPOSITO: I love pentathlon. I think it's the greatest Olympic sport out. So, I pointed 'em in that direction.

These days, Dad is also their coach.

CHLOE: It's so nice having Dad. I've always said that I wouldn't have been able to do what I've done and get the results I have without Dad.

And with so many top athletes in the family there's a bit of sibling rivalry.

MAX: Yes, we compete a lot, but have our little arguments, but in the end, we're always brother and sister. We push each other and we know our boundaries, so she helps me and encourages me to do her best and I do the same with her.

Their sister Emily is also hoping to qualify for the Olympic Games in pistol shooting. If she does, it'll be an Aussie record for the most number of people from the same family in the same Olympic team. For Chloe, it will be her second Olympic games and she's hoping to do even better this time.

CHLOE: Well, I don't like to sound cocky or anything, but after last Olympics, I was surprised with my result then. I came seventh. And I said to myself, next Olympics, I want a medal.

While Max is happy to have made it this far.

MAX: Just being there will be exciting and that is an achievement, being at Rio for me. But if I stick to my task that dad gives me then I might have the opportunity to be on the podium.



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