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2018 World Cup

Eriksen reveals girlfriend is pregnant with second child but insists birth WON’T wreck Euros plans like last time


CHRISTIAN ERIKSEN’S girlfriend Sabrina Kvist is pregnant with their second child.

But the Danish midfielder said the new baby will not interrupt next summer’s Euros like his first kid did with the 2018 World Cup.

Christian Eriksen did a pregnancy celebration during Denmark’s Nations League win against Iceland[/caption]
Instagram / @chriseriksen8
Eriksen’s partner Sabrina Kvist is pregnant with their second child[/caption]

Eriksen did a ‘pregnancy’ celebration after he scored during Denmark’s 2-1 Nations League victory against Iceland on Sunday.

And then he confirmed it was because his partner was pregnant on Instagram.

He posted the picture of him with the ball up his shirt.

And the Inter Milan playmaker captioned the post: “Not the best game, but a great result in the end!

“And yes Sabrina is pregnant, again! But dont worry Denmark, its planned a lot better this time. #ce10 #fordenmark”

The post received more than 230,000 likes.

And the last comment relates to the 2018 World Cup when he left a training camp before the tournament when his first son Alfie was born.

Former Danish head coach Age Hareide allowed his star man to travel home and Denmark fans will hope the same does not happen again for next summer’s Euros.

Instagram / @chriseriksen8
Their family of three will soon have another addition[/caption]

In 2019, Eriksen was forced to rubbish online rumours that Sabrina had cheated on him with married former team-mate Jan Vertonghen.

The ex-Tottenham ace took to Twitter to blast the story as “bulls***” but the false claims upset Sabrina, 29.

Mum Sabrina sacrificed her own life in Denmark to move to London, ditching her hairdressing career to become a WAG when Eriksen signed for Tottenham in 2012.

The pair spent a lot of time with Harry Kane and his wife Kate when they lived in London but see less of them after Eriksen’s move to Inter in January.

Instagram / @chriseriksen8
The pair have been together since 2012[/caption]
Instagram / @chriseriksen8
Eriksen regularly posts pictures of the two on social media[/caption]
Instagram / @chriseriksen8
They announced their first child with a cute post on Instagram [/caption]
Instagram / @chriseriksen8
Their first child is a boy called Alfie[/caption]
Instagram / @chriseriksen8
Sabrina is also Danish[/caption]
Instagram / @chriseriksen8
Eriksen left the 2018 World Cup camp when Alfie was born[/caption]
Instagram / @chriseriksen8
But the former Tottenham man does not expect to do the same this time[/caption]


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