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Enjoying the ride ….

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… first off, calm with the innuendos lol

I must admit…

Watching some of the awareness and dynamism and variety of our new recruits has me excited to see more.

Seeing where the Foley and Co investment leads us has me intrigued.

Seeing what our young and potentially good manager does now has me on edge, but also curious to see if he can make it work.

And those who predominantly see negatives at the moment about any of that, then “enjoy” .. personally I’m going to enjoy this journey. And if your first thought on all that is negative ? Then remember, if it doesn’t work out with Monty, you will get your wish and can feel the pride of vindication. And our club will still be on that exciting journey. I mean come on … isn’t this fun 😂😉 … it’s onwards and upwards for us Hibbies at the moment😊


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