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Competitions 2023-24 prediction league round 40: Inverness (Scottish Cup R5, away)

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The prediction league again comes with admin-provided prizes of £50, £30 and £20 for 1st-3rd place.


3 points for correct score, 2 for correct goal difference, 1 for correct result
Unless a draw make it clear whether this is a Hibs win or loss - no points if you just post "2-1" etc with no context
If this is a game with the potential for ET, the final result will count as the correct score, i.e. if the match ends 1-1 in normal time but 2-1 AET, only those who picked 2-1 will score points
Only ONE prediction is allowed - only the most recent will be counted if you accidentally post two, and don't predict separate FT and AET scores as per the above
If you post your prediction (or edit your original prediction) AFTER the game has started then no points will be awarded. Cut off point is ONE MINUTE before the game officially starts according to the forum clock (i.e. 2:59pm for a 3pm kickoff)
If you post multiple times and delete one of the posts, no points will be awarded - I tally the scores up after the game, so I have no way of knowing whether this was a mistake or not

The leaderboard will be next up before the Ross County game.

My prediction: 2-1 Hibs.


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