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Devin McCourty Sees Upside For Change Of Scenery For Mac Jones

What Mac Jones’ future looks like with the Patriots is unknown, after the nightmare 2023 season in New England.

Patriots legend Devin McCourty pointed out why he would like to see Jones move on from New England when he joined 98.5 The Sports Hub “Felger and Mazz” on Radio Row in Las Vegas on Thursday.

“I think you have to see what (Alex) Van Pelt thinks,” McCourty said. “Me personally, from knowing Mac, I would love to see him get an opportunity somewhere else.”

McCourty added: “I think as players, we’re always like, we’re going to stay focused on what we have to do. We’re going to lock in, but when every time you go out there on the field and you’re getting booed, like when that has to be your life day in and day out (…), that’s just hard to deal with.”

The three-time Super Bowl champion believes Jones could go somewhere else where he could be a backup for a year or work with a quarterback “guru” type of offensive coordinator and build back up his confidence as well as his game.

“Right now everybody looks at Mac Jones like, ‘Get him out of the league. He’s terrible,'” McCourty said. “I think if he gets a fresh start we’ll still be talking about this guy somewhere in the league five, six years from now.”

McCourty said from a teammate’s standpoint it’s hard to know how the locker room will feel if Jones regains his starting job with the Patriots.

“When you go through all those ups and downs with your team (…) you can’t be your best self,” McCourty said. “It’s extremely hard when you’re worried about all the things.”



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