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Broncos’ Nathaniel Hackett Admits He Hasn’t Been Making Right Decisions

Denver Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett has had far from a perfect start to his head coaching career, and he knows it.

In what’s becoming a weekly occurrence, Hackett spoke with the media Monday and detailed all of his mistakes from the day prior — openly admitting to not making the right decisions in key moments through two weeks. It started in Denver’s Week 1 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, when Hackett elected to kick a 64-yard field goal instead of trusting his offense to pick up a first down on fourth-and-short. In Week 2, the Broncos’ clock management got so ugly, fans at Mile High Stadium were counting down the play clock.

“We’ve got to make sure the communication is clear and concise,” Hackett said, per ESPN’s Jeff Legwold. “I need to do better making decisions, faster and quicker and getting that information to the quarterback… It’s got to improve.”

Hackett’s admittance to being slow in communicating is nice but didn’t need to be said — as the issues have been evident. The Broncos have been assessed four delay of game penalties through two weeks. Hackett serves as Denver’s play caller.

“It’s about organization and communication,” Hackett said. “… We just need to tighten that process up so we can make better decisions faster… Most important is being on the same page with (quarterback) Russell (Wilson), and I think I can do a better job… It’s funny looking back at all my time in the past and the conversations that go on, you always have an opinion, and it’s interesting that it is now your opinion, your decision, is the one that matters.”

Hackett should hope he starts making the right decisions, as the Broncos will face a reinvigorated San Francisco 49ers team in Week 3.

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