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Re: John Ruddy

My Blue Heaven
Etheridge on paper was a good signing. Did well for Cardiff, think he was voted player of their season in the perm, but only on paper. He was dropped for Smithies as he was useless with his feet and commanding his box.

Ruddy is the best we’ve had since TK

Very solid

On paper, it was a good signing, but only because we don't follow his old club's every game. Yeah, he used to be a good player but there must have been a reason why he was dropped.

We made exactly the same mistakes with Stockdale, pretty shocking that we bombed him out because of his wages and we repeat it with Etheridge.

Why the hell didnt we have up to date scouts checking out these players and the reasons why theyve lost their place. Sometimes it is because a better player has come in but most of the time its because they are past it


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