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Chester FC V Brackley Town


Chester FC‘s home match against Brackley Town on Saturday was postponed due to the ongoing proceedings regarding our stadium’s location yesterday. It’s sad and disappointing that it has had to come to this, but I do think we have made the correct decision out of all of the evils, so credit to our board for choosing the more sensible option. Despite all of the madness going on regarding this farce, we had to consider our supporters and also Brackley Town’s fans who would’ve had their plans in limbo, so at least we have now been informed in advance. On the bright side though restrictions on crowds are being lifted in Scotland, so hopefully Wales will follow suit very shortly especially with the Six Nations taking place next month. Luckily for us we have three weeks until our next home game so hopefully the restrictions over the border will be lifted by then, but unfortunately Covid hasn’t and most probably won’t go away, so we still need to find a resolution just in case restrictions are introduced in the distant future (not that I’d advocate that by any means). I’m relieved that we will fulfil the Brackley game later on in the season in front of supporters so we won’t be affected financially, because if the game was to take place on Saturday behind closed doors then it would be a huge kick in the teeth for us, so once again I appreciate our board for making the right decision, while I thank them for working around the clock in spite of them already having enough on their plate as it is.



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