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Re: Anyone left who wants to stick???

[/quote]Yeah, even Wycombe have more about them than Wednesday. Worst side we've played all season[/quote]

Odd then that were it not for a 6pt deduction they'd still be above us, the team that beat us at St Andrews in October and lost to us by just one goal (and very nearly equalised) despite being down to 10 men for 40 mins...yet I come on here and there are people celebrating the great victory and saying we should stick with AK because they don't want another change of manager. Maybe I have higher standards, but narrowly beating, and to use your words "Worst side we've played all season" when they're down to 10 men means nothing, an isolated win in a sea of mediocre draws and awful defeats, never mind back to normal on Tuesday....see Norwich don't have a problem with pitch at St Andrews


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