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Competitions 2020-21 hibs.net prediction league round 30: Celtic (league, away)

After an atrocious holiday run of games, we're away at Parkhead to a team that quite frankly don't care about COVID-19 mitigation and social distancing guidelines, thank you very much. Leaderboard so far:

1. Greenfly (34 points)
2. Vault Boy (31 points)
3. Sir David Gray (29 points)
4. JohnMcM, scuttle, superfurryhibby (28 points)
7. Greenbeard (27 points)
8. PH91, Saltire2k, Viva_Palmeiras (26 points)


  • 3 points for correct score, 2 for correct goal difference and 1 for correct result.
  • Indicate which team has scored which (unless a draw) or no points will be awarded
  • If you post your prediction (or edit your original prediction) AFTER the game has started then no points will be awarded
  • If you somehow manage to post two predictions on the thread without realising, the most recent one will be presumed to be your final prediction and will count towards your score
  • If either Celtic or us are awarded a 3-0 due to COVID-related shenanigans, the round will be voided - the game has to actually be played!

I'm waiting until I see the teams before making my prediction.


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