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5 greatest 80s albums (61 replies)

5 80s albums that I still return to now:

Gentlemen take Polaroids - Japan.

Wonderful album, took me 3 years to get into it after release. It reminds me vividly of the summer of 1983. Still sounds as good today.

Rio - Duran Duran

Full of light and optimism, a great source of comfort after a few drinks during lockdown. An album that prompted me gel my hair, put on a fresh shirt and hit the Birmingham night life in the 80's

Dare - The Human League

A masterpiece from start to finish, a definitive house party album from the 80's still beautiful and uplifting.

Non Stop Erotic Cabaret-Soft Cell

A darker underlying theme to the others with much of it focusing on sex, addiction and Vice. Brilliant and reminds me of early days at secondary school.

Dolittle - Pixies

Quite possibly the album I've returned to most over the years. Wonderful, influential and unforgettable.


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