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How to Get a Perfect 5 o’clock Shadow Beard | Braun IN

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The 5 o’clock shadow beard has been around for the longest of time. However, it has experienced a certain spike in interest in the past couple of years. If you, too, have been attracted to the idea of getting yourself a 5 o’clock shadow beard, then all you need to do is stick around till the end of this article as we detail all the tips and tricks you need to get the perfect 5 o’clock shadow beard.What is the 5 o'clock shadow beard?The meaning of this beard style can be derived from its very name. Men with particularly aggressive hair growth know that a clean-shaven look can turn into a stubble by the end of the day. When someone deliberately styles their beard to look like that end-of-the-workday growth, it is known as the 5 o’clock shadow beard. This style is characterised by very short hair, clean necklines and a stylishly unkempt look. This style was very popular in the 80s and has made a successful come back in the recent years. If you are someone with a darker shade of beard colo...


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