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How Much Do Outpatient Therapists Make? | Annual & Hourly Salary

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Having a clear understanding of earnings potential is important, especially if you are researching career paths or considering changing jobs. If you're one of those people, and you're curious what kind of salary outpatient therapists make, you've come to the right place. Using data from Lightcast,™ the Best Adult Colleges and Careers Guide has compiled rich information about salary for outpatient therapists and related jobs, including details about average compensation, salary trends and job growth. We've also gathered advertised salaries from actual job postings to provide insight into what employers of outpatient therapists are offering as compensation. Keep reading to learn more about how much outpatient therapists can expect to make in the United States. At a Glance: Salary & Jobs for Outpatient Therapists Jobs Median Salary Job Posting Demand 65,053 $90,126 71,346 According to data from 2022, there were about 65,053 positions for outpatient therapists in the United States. In term...


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