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Nikita Starostin: Germany’s ‘sunshine’

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Nikita Starostin

Nikita Starostin

Nikita Starostin of Germany has been gaining attention in recent seasons with his captivating performances, vibrant costumes, and steadily improving results. In the 2023-24 season, the 21-year-old ventured onto the Grand Prix stage for the first time, securing a respectable 7th-place finish at the Grand Prix in Espoo, Finland. He went on to place 13th at the 2024 European Championships, but at 2024 Worlds, failed to qualify for the free skate.

Despite the setback, Starostin is channeling his disappointment into determination during the off-season. He is currently focusing on enhancing his technical prowess for 2024-25. Collaborating with his new technical coach, Marina Shirshova, he is experimenting with various quadruple jumps with plans to incorporate them into his routines for the next season.

One afternoon, we had a sit-down interview with Starostin in Dortmund, Germany. We got a glimpse into the personality of the self-proclaimed “sunshine” as he reminisced about his favorite past programs and costumes. He also teased a new stylistic direction for the 2024-25 season.

Starostin shared his deep passion for the sport and unveiled his long-term career aspirations. He emphasized the importance of forging strong bonds with his competitors. He has cultivated this through his experiences living in various countries, feeling at home anywhere and fostering easy connections.

The skater is close to obtaining German citizenship, a step towards representing his adopted country at the Olympics. He talks about his summer plans that are geared towards the goal of securing a spot in the Winter Olympics. Therefore, training up to the 2025 World Championships in Boston is key!

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