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Summer Fencing…Having A Blast!

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Welcome to the summer! Comparatively, we’ve been able to keep the humidity down in the fencing room with 2 dehumidifiers running. Still pretty warm, so make sure you drink water!

Welcome to our Beginner Fencing Summer Camp fencers that are doing trial classes until the end of the month and we look forward to seeing the fencers that are planning on doing the additional one-month training!

Congrats to Finn for taking 3rd place at Forge Fencing’s priority on Youth. Good luck to Isaac and Alexander, they will be taking on the On Point Summer Open near Charlotte!

Also thank you to Enobong and his family who donated a new mini-fridge! Have you noticed it? It’s a little bigger, and no freezer taking up the space. Thank you for the new mini-fridge!

As we get into July and definitely into August, you’ll see more e-mail from me with reminders to renew your USA Fencing Membership.

ALL FENCERS must be USA Fencing Members. This is a requirement for our fencing club to remain in good standing as a USA Fencing Member club.

Membership renews should open on July 1: https://www.usafencing.org/page/show/8044789-individual-membership

Recent announcement from USA Fencing:
Individual Member Fees Locked at 2023-24 Levels:
Access Membership: $29 (Most of our fencers will get this membership, this is the minimum requirement.)
Competitive Membership: $99 (This membership is only needed if the fencer is planning to compete in Regional or National events…tournament registrations are done through USA Fencing and NOT on askfred).
+Check Ed add-on: $30 (required for any fencing age 18+ that plans to be hired as a referee)

Parent Membership Option Added
Based on feedback from parents and family members, we’re adding a new membership tier: the Parent Membership. Available for $19.99 per season, this membership includes the ability to vote, invitations to parent-specific webinars, a special newsletter and an exclusive bumper sticker available only to Parent members. Parents (and other caregivers) will be able to purchase the parent membership for the 2024-25 season beginning July 1.

Age Verification Process Modified for Competitive Members
Beginning with the 2024-25 season, those who purchase a competitive membership type will need to become age-verified within 14 days after the membership purchase. Competitive members who do not complete the age verification process within that window will still retain access to membership benefits but can’t register for regional or national events until age verification is completed.

Don’t forget to renew your USA Fencing Membership!

Don’t forget to renew your USA Fencing Membership


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