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We’re entering our summer months and most competition has died down. Isabella and Finn are planning to attend Forge Fencing’s last Priority on Youth Event of the season. Good luck to them on June 15!  Also recent congratulations to our saber team: Wiggs, Facey, and Spell.  They took first place at Greensboro’s team saber event!

USA Fencing has announced their regional events for next season and I have put them on our tournament calendar. The ones highlighted in green are the regional events that the coaches are likely to be in attendance.

VET Fencers (ages 40+), the Division has put on their calendar and we are waiting for their approval for sanctioning (after July 2) for a VET Combined Mixed Epee event. This will be the first time we are hosting this type of event! It is currently on AskFred, please register early! Registration: https://www.askfred.net/tournaments/14d783b6-60dc-472e-ae99-a8741252f092

You can view the potential current schedule of tournaments here: http://schedule.allamericanfencing.com

Beginner Fencing Summer Camp: We have 3 spots remaining! If you have friends that might be interested, let them know! We anticipate we will max out our enrollment. Beginner Fencing Summer Camp is from June 14-16, 2024. Information and Registration: https://allamericanfencing.com/beginner-fencing-camps/

Good News! We finally bought a 7,000 square foot dehumidifier. Hopefully this will reduce the humidity during the summer!

Lastly, congratulations to our high school graduates: Lily Kube, Isaac Canady, and Reagan Batdorff!


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