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6 key elements for the new horse racing enthusiast


If you want to have a successful horse with few injury concerns, there are a few key features to look for whether you purchase your own horse from the sales or buy shares via a syndicate. When betting on horses, some of these factors should also be taken into account.


For a horse to win a race, it must be properly weighed. Consider each horse’s handicap weight and decide if it is too much, just right, or too little. In the latter scenario, be pleased when you discover a horse that you believe has outperformed the handicapper.

Look for horses in important races who performed well in their last race but have since dropped significantly in size e.g. 5kg or more.

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To win, a horse must be healthy. Unfit horses never prevail.  A horse’s fitness is questioned more often the longer it has been away from the track. That’s all there is to it. For the majority of horses, consider 21 days as the cutoff limit, but when it comes to top-class horses, you may seriously consider first-uppers.

Track Ability

Certain tracks are manageable for certain horses. Others like the vast, broader areas of tracks like Flemington, while others excel on tight, twisting courses.

Where a horse performs best will be shown by its past. Always look up a horse’s track record and cross out any winners who have two or more victories there. You might feel more confident the more victories you have.

Distance Ability

Each horse excels over a certain set of distances. Some horses are sprinters, while others excel at medium distances (1600 to 2000 meters), and others in the staying category (from 2100m upwards to 3200m).

Look attentively at each horse’s performance at the race’s distance. Lean towards those who have shown their worth several times. More victories are better.

The Stable

Races are won by excellent horses from reputable stables. Although that is a cliché, it is true. When in doubt, don’t be scared to go with a winning stable as opposed to a struggling one.

The best stables will win the bulk of the races in the long term. Battlers will continue to be exactly that.


Overall, a horse in form is likely to be a stronger wager than a horse that has just started and been soundly defeated.

The majority of winners may be found among the horses who are deemed to be “in form,” as you shall discover. 


It is important to train your eye as much as can since the more horses you see over time, whether at the stables, races or in the field, the more you will learn.



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