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I went dumpster diving and found an ‘insane’ stash including Chanel and Coach perfumes and loads of Mac foundation

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A DUMPSTER diver has shared her impressive haul after she rooted in a skip outside a beauty store.

Ella shared her “huge jackpot” via a video posted to her TikTok channel @glamourddive where she often posts her bin diving hauls.

Ella found an impressive stash[/caption]
She plans to sell the stash online[/caption]

The dumpster diver found the beauty products in the bins outside US beauty store Ulta.

Technically, taking from a bin is theft, although, whether it is illegal or not depends on the motivation of the person taking the items and whether they have a rightful owner.

The first bag that Ella found had been “souped” meaning the makeup had been destroyed by the owners of the shop.

However, she then found a whole box of products that had not been destroyed and took them home to check out what she had scrounged.

Back at home, Ella laid out her “insane” haul and went through each of the products.

The bin diver managed to nab a Bleu De Chanel tester perfume that had hardly been used and a completely full bottle of Coach perfume.

Bleu de Chanel retails at around £100, whilst Coach is priced at around £40.

Next, Ella found around 10 bottles of Mac foundation, which are worth around £25 each.

She also found a whole host of other skincare and haircare products including Morphe setting spray and a load of Redken shampoo bottles, which are worth around £40 each.

Ella sells a lot of the products she finds in bins online, and is sure to make a killing.

On her website, GlamourDDive’s shop, Ella assures customers that all of the products she finds are fully sanitized and refurbished before she sells them.

A bio on her website reads: “My enjoyment of dumpster diving has helped me open my eyes to the waste that is involved in everyday retail and corporations!

“My ultimate goal would be to give back to families and animals that may not have the support or means to help themselves.”

TikTok users raced to the video’s comments section to share their thoughts on Ella’s haul.

One user said: “I would be so happy just finding that hair care”.

Another user added: “This just makes me wanna go dumpster diving at Ulta”.

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