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FTX Crypto Cup 2022 LIVE


Magnus Carlsen, the world no. 1 for over a decade, is still the World Champion until 2023, and in his announcement that he wouldn’t defend the title for a 5th time said of his plans, “then to Miami to play one of the real highlights of the year, I feel, the FTX Crypto Cup, which is going to be awesome!”. Magnus won the first two events on this year’s tour, the Airthings Masters and the Charity Cup, and tops the tour standings after banking $106,500. He also has a title to defend, since he won the FTX Crypto Cup in 2021. You can follow the FTX Crypto Cup live with daily live games and reports on

Learn everything about the FTX Crypto Cup 2022 lineup here / Magnus Carlsen’s courses – Olympiad sale at Chessable

Live games FTX Crypto Cup 2022

Parallel: Top Chess Engine Championship Season 23 is going to start this August.



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