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Grischuk comments on the ban of Karjakin


Russian grandmaster Alexander Grischuk was quoted by on the decision of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) to ban Sergey Karyakin for six months.

“Although I personally disagree with Sergey, I think that a person should have the right to express his opinion. […] When they first started talking about a possible disqualification, I thought it was unlikely. But lately, I’ve begun to think that this is likely to be the case. Therefore, I cannot say that now I am somehow overly surprised. Will an appeal help? To be honest, I think that Sergey has virtually no chance of playing in the Candidates Tournament.” said Grischuk.

Grischuk triumphs for the third time as champion with Russia

Karjakin seems to agree with Grischuk and has decided not to appeal the ban, thus missing Candidates Chess 2022 (who can substitute Karjakin in the competition here)



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