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Castlehill Quick-Play

Thurs 15th July 21, 7:30pm
Round 4 (penultimate)– 7 round Swiss


Before this penultimate event, Andre Babin was leading by 1½ points only from Jan Barron-Majerik so all still to play for with two events left including this one!


Eleven players took part and boy did we have some surprise results, the biggest was Master Alexander Barron-Majerick`s win against Graham Mooney! Alexander is only 9 years old and graded 221, while Graham has been around since the dawn of time and graded 1866! Regardless of a possible mouse slip by Graham (gave his queen away!), Alexander still managed to convert that to a win, the hard way yes, but a great victory at any level! Put simply, a “Alexander versus Goliath” moment. Well played Alexander!


On the night it is congratulations to Euan Murray who took first place and bagged himself 6 grand prix points! He does like this time-control and at times seems almost unbeatable!


The leader before tonight, Andre Babin finished in runner-up spot and 5 grand prix points which not only keeps him at the top of the table, but in an almost unassailable position thanks to Jan Barron-Majerik having a disaster of a night and only managing 2 match points, which equated to only 1 grand prix point!


Richard Kynoch and Graham Mooney finished equal 3rd on 3½ points. This leaves Andre top of the table on 18 points with one event left. Euan has moved into 2nd place on 13½ points, but will need a miracle to catch Andre at the top. The most points available to Euan is 6, which means Andre only needs 2 points to finish as champion (1 grand prix point and the bonus point for playing!). Still you never know? Maybe Andre will not play in the last one, or more unlikely, he finishes outside the top 5 places!?


For all the results, games and standings so far, click the link “HERE“.


The last Grand Prix night is on Thursday 12th August 21, 7:30pm on Lichess.


Why not make it the biggest event of the Quick-Play competition and join us on the night to make all the leaders work for their points!
Once again congratulations to the winner Euan Murray and of course to the giant killer, Alexander Barron-Majerik J9!



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