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Floyd Mayweather shows off new £1.5million car collection including Rolls-Royce with furry seats – and £85,000 backpack

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FLOYD MAYWEATHER was out to prove why he earned the nickname Money as he showed off his new £1.5million car collection.

The boxing legend – who topped Forbes rich list of the decade with over £700MILLION made – has never been shy of flaunting his wealth.

Instagram / @floydmayweather
Floyd Mayweather showed off his new collection of cars[/caption]
Instagram / @floydmayweather
Here is a £250,000 Rolls Royce Ghost[/caption]
Instagram / @floydmayweather
Another Rolls Royce was fitted with Gucci pillows[/caption]
Instagram / @floydmayweather
The seats were all furry[/caption]
Instagram / @floydmayweather
Mayweather also brought a himalayan Gucci backpack worth £85,000[/caption]

Whether it’s showing off his multiple mansions, private jets or expensive watches, Mayweather is known to splash the cash.

But among his favourite things to buys are cars – and Mayweather has lots of them.

In a recent Instagram post, the unbeaten American gave his 29.9m followers a look into just one of his driveways.

Parked out front is a black Rolls Royce Ghost, which costs up to £250,000.

Sitting next to it was a matching black Rolls-Royce Phantom – priced at close to £380,000 – which has £650 Gucci pillows and furry seats.

Mayweather was not done there as he revealed his secret purchase, an £85,000 black Mercedes van which is fitted with an Apple TV and espresso machine.

He also got himself McLaren GTS, worth £210,000 and had two more black Rolls Royces down the end of the drive.

The ring great did not limit his shopping to just cars as he revealed his brand new himalayan Gucci backpack – which fetched for £85,000.


Mayweather is the highest-earning fighter of all time with his wins over Manny Pacquiao, 45, and Conor McGregor, 35, making him over £450m alone.

And he continues to box in exhibitions even in retirement, boasting of earning up to £15m at a time.

His last came against the grandson of notorious New York crime boss John Gotti – which ended in a DQ win before a brawl broke out in the ring.

Mayweather, 47, now prepares to rematch Gotti III, 31, on August 24 in Mexico.

Inside Floyd Mayweather’s extravagant lifestyle…

Instagram @liramsustiel
Mayweather is a regular on his private jet[/caption]
Instagram @floydmayweather
He travels in style[/caption]
Instagram @floydmayweather
Mayweather earned over £700m in his boxing career[/caption]
He is boxing’s top earner[/caption]
Refer to Caption
Mayweather is never shy of showing off his cars[/caption]
Refer to Caption
He has an impressive collection[/caption]


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