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Brandin Podziemski: 'I want to be able to be in the conversation and win Most Improved Player of the Year'

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Given all of the roster changes, what are your expectations on what you will accomplish next season individually and as a team? Brandin Podziemski: “Individually, I want to be able to be in the conversation and win Most Improved Player of the Year. I want to partake in the Rising Stars game again because it’s in San Francisco next season. I want to participate in the Skills Challenge. That would be fun. Then I want to put my name up there as an up-and-coming star of the league. I’m ready to make the year two jump. As far as team goals, obviously you want to win a title. We have some older guys. But even just to make the playoffs, honestly. That feeling of being done in mid-April and you have to watch everybody else in the playoffs, that hurts. How can we get back there to the Golden State Warriors that everybody is accustomed to? Obviously, the league has gotten so much better, especially in the Western Conference. So how can we collectively day in and day out put good games together and get a top sixth seed?”
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Dalton Johnson @DaltonJ_Johnson
As everyone wonders what the Warriors’ starting lineup will be next season, I asked Brandin Podziemski and Steve Kerr how they see the young combo guard’s role after an impressive rookie year: “I just want to be out there when the game is on the line.”…11:18 PM
Dalton Johnson @DaltonJ_Johnson
Here’s Brandin Podziemski during a timeout right now
He’s coming back in after the timeout PM

Mark Medina @MarkG_Medina
Brandin Podziemski was on the ground for a bit after Joel Embiid accidentally threw an elbow. My @Sportskeeda piece earlier on Podz PM

Dalton Johnson @DaltonJ_Johnson
Brandin Podziemski just went down during the USA Select Team’s scrimmage with Team USA after catching an elbow in the face from Joel Embiid PM

Mark Medina @MarkG_Medina
Warriors’ Brandin Podziemski (@brandinpodziem2) spoke to @Sportskeeda on Team USA Select Team, his favorite charges, handling dynamic with Klay Thompson, favorite Steph Curry moment and hopes to win Most Improved Player AM
Dalton Johnson @DaltonJ_Johnson
Brandin Podziemski is following Steph Curry everywhere. Here he is picking him up full court and then hitting a long 2-point shot PM

Dalton Johnson @DaltonJ_Johnson
Brandin Podziemski (27) and Cooper Flagg (31) sit next to each other at the end of Team USA’s scrimmage with the Select Team at UNLV PM

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I read that you were talking to Steve and he was talking to you about Austin Reaves as a comp, not just as a player but what Team USA can do for you. How do you view that? Brandin Podziemski: “Quite frankly, I get compared to a lot of white guys (laughs). But I try to get as many things as I can from the most skilled guys. Whether it be Steph, Austin, Luka and Jalen Brunson, all guys that are not that athletic. So I just try to take bits and pieces from guys that are really skilled and smart and try to apply it. I think this summer I’ve seen a bunch of growth in my game. I’m going to continue to get better through the rest of the summer.” -via SportsKeeda / July 9, 2024


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