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Lonzo Ball says he would have traded Lonzo Ball for Anthony Davis

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Lakers Bulls at Staples Center

Lonzo Ball provided an honest review of the Lakers’ trade for Anthony Davis, agreeing that Lonzo Ball should have been in the trade.

Lonzo Ball has always been one who could make a joke, even at his own expense. When he wasn’t dealt at the trade deadline in 2019, he posted a hilarious Instagram story celebrating still being a Laker.

Those celebrations were short-lived, though, as he would be sent to New Orleans for Anthony Davis that offseason. For at least some time, there was a debate about whether the Lakers should have dealt Ball for AD, a conversation that has quieted down with Ball’s injury.

But leave it to Lonzo to silence those conversations, too.

In a clip from his podcast, “What An Experience!” Lonzo even agreed that Lonzo should have been traded to New Orleans.

Now, there are some things implied in that video about the Lakers’ front office that aren’t great either, but we’re going to ignore that because the other stuff is more fun.

Lonzo can truly be hilarious. I would like Lonzo to rate other things that have happened in his career.

Would Lonzo have drafted Lonzo No. 2 overall? Would Lonzo have signed Lonzo to an extension in New Orleans? Would Lonzo have signed a deal with a shoe company like a normal player instead of wearing Big Baller Brand shoes that literally were falling apart?

To be fair, maybe that’s what his podcast is. I haven’t given it much of a listen but that would be a terrific concept for a podcast episode.

We are long past the days of the AD trade having a debatable winner. It’s been the Lakers since they won the title. Everything they’ve done since 2020 has been icing on top.

Re-litigating who won the trade has long been annoying. The only exception to that is if Lonzo wants to talk about the Lakers trade package. Then, I’ll allow it.

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