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Kendrick Perkins on Warriors: 'Steph Curry is the best player but Draymond Green is the heart and soul on that team'

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Kendrick Perkins: I always say that Steph Curry is the best player on that team, but Draymond Green is the heart and soul of that team. Now, with that being said, there comes a time where it could be a bit excessive and that’s something that Draymond has to control. Because at this point, you’re not a young guy, you’re a veteran, you’re a multiple All-Star, NBA champion. So, you know better. Draymond is a very intelligent guy and he has the respect of the referees. So he’s allowed to get away with a little bit more and rightfully so. He’s earned that respect because he probably does have a relationship with the majority of the refs. But, he’s battle-tested enough – four-time NBA champion – you know, you can’t ask him to change. He is who he is and that’s not a bad thing.
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Chris Biderman @TheWarriorsWire
Draymond Green can’t keep writing checks that Steph Curry has to cash… AM

Chris Biderman @TheWarriorsWire
Draymond Green addresses his ejection in latest podcast episode… AM

Eurohoops @Eurohoopsnet
He tried to hit a player again. That’s disgusting. AM

Kendrick Perkins @KendrickPerkins
I’m almost convinced that Kyrie and Luka just might be the most dangerous duo in the League. Huge W for the Mavs tonight against the Kings! – 12:40 AM
Kendrick Perkins @KendrickPerkins
This Anthony Edwards led Timberwolves team is a LEGIT title contender!!! You can argue with momma. Carry the hell on… – 11:39 PM
Kendrick Perkins @KendrickPerkins
Why Wemby??!!! 40-20 and 7 assists to spoil Big Body Brunson 61 piece wing dinner.! Jesus Christ – 10:50 PM
Kendrick Perkins @KendrickPerkins
Either the Suns suck or they’re trying to get Vogel fired… because they have ZERO excuses for getting STOMPED out tonight by the Thunder who didn’t have their best player!!! I’m just saying… – 10:30 PM
Chris Biderman @TheWarriorsWire
Draymond Green dapping up Steph Curry after his ejection and smiling into the camera became an instant meme… PM

Kendra Andrews @kendra__andrews
Warriors are starting Steph Curry, Chris Paul, Draymond Green, Andrew Wiggins and Trayce Jackson-Davis – 6:43 PM
Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater
Warriors starters at Hornets
Steph Curry
Chris Paul
Andrew Wiggins
Draymond Green
Trayce Jackson-Davis
(Klay/Kuminga out) – 6:43 PM
Is it time for Trae Young and Dejounte Murray to go their separate ways? 🤔
@kendrickperkins thinks this duo has “run its course.” PM

Marc Stein @TheSteinLine
Another wild NBA week … dissecting all the latest from Golden State post-Draymond Green ejection and Minnesota’s ownership dysfunction … plus three rounds of @ChrisBHaynes story time … all here via the latest edition of the #thisleague UNCUT podcast:…12:36 PM
Draymond Green continues to undercut Warriors, and somehow Stephen Curry continues to shoulder the blame
(By @bradbotkincbs)…9:37 AM
Chris Biderman @TheWarriorsWire
Draymond Green can’t keep writing checks that Steph Curry has to cash… AM

Chris Biderman @TheWarriorsWire
Draymond Green addresses his ejection in latest podcast episode… AM

Kendrick Perkins @KendrickPerkins
My first day at the Thunderstorm with my brother at @PatMcAfeeShow and must say it was a 🎥 and we’re just getting started 😎…12:35 AM
Kendrick Perkins @KendrickPerkins
My first day at the Thunderstorm with my brother at @PatMcAfeeShow and must say it was a 🎥 and we just getting started 😎…12:33 AM
Kendrick Perkins @KendrickPerkins
That damn Grant Nelson. – 11:57 PM
Kendrick Perkins @KendrickPerkins
I’ll address the Celtics and how Murray just gave them that work and I mean he STOOD on Business… dropping a 44 piece wing dinner lemon pepper style “All Flats” straight from Magic City!!! Carry the hell on… – 10:05 PM
Draymond responds to Tari Eason with the Rockets one game behind the Warriors for No. 10 in the West 🍿 PM

Chris Biderman @TheWarriorsWire
Draymond Green dapping up Steph Curry after his ejection and smiling into the camera became an instant meme… PM

Chris Biderman @TheWarriorsWire
Draymond Green addresses his ejection in latest podcast episode… PM

StatMuse @statmuse
Last two players to be ejected 4+ times in a season:
— Kevin Durant
— Draymond Green
Both as Warriors. PM

Has Draymond Green lost his “allies” within the Warriors organization? 🧐
@MarcJSpears | @DGreen_14 PM

Henry Abbott @TrueHoop
The OKC Thunder are fighting for the #1 seed in the west. @coachthorpe and @jshector talk about their playoff potential on today’s show.
All that plus Draymond getting ejected and the red hot Rockets!
Full episode: PM

Kendrick Perkins @KendrickPerkins
POWERFUL MOVEMENT @PatMcAfeeShow Carry the hell on… 🤞🏾💯😎 PM

Howard Beck @HowardBeck
Re-upping my Draymond piece, with this additional thought: Every tech/ejection isn’t a referendum on his career, nor is every meltdown-free stretch proof he’s figured it out. It’s all an ongoing process, as he told me last month:…3:07 PM
“You might need to go get more help and help is okay.”
—@KendrickPerkins opens up about his experience in the NBA after Draymond Green’s fourth ejection of the season. PM

John Gonzalez @JohnGonzalez
Today’s Beyond the Arc live on YouTube at 2 pm ET/11 am PT w/ @AshNicoleMoss
-Embiid back?!
-Draymond goes full Draymond
-another report Clips & PG might part
-MPJ on investigation into his bro
-Should Caitlin Clark take the Big3 $$$?
Join us here:…1:52 PM
Chris Biderman @TheWarriorsWire
Draymond Green can’t keep writing checks that Steph Curry has to cash… PM

Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater
New Warriors plus/minus with @ThompsonScribe and @TimKawakami is up. On the Draymond Green ejection and win in Orlando.

Nick Wright @getnickwright
Today’s @WhatsWrightShow is live right now on YouTube talking Draymond’s ejection, LeBron’s ankle and early NFL over/unders…10:29 AM
Chris Biderman @TheWarriorsWire
Warriors’ Draymond Green ejected in opening minutes vs. Magic… AM

Bill Reiter @sportsreiter
I’m live coast-to-coast on @CBSSportsRadio from 10-noon ET: The Draymond Paradox, Opening Day!, Caitlin’s dilemma, more gambling fallout, a mea culpa, @robdibble49, Buy/Sell w/@PrettyDaddyCBS, Sweet 16, more.
@Audacy app
@SIRIUSXM 158 – 9:53 AM
Chris Biderman @TheWarriorsWire
Draymond Green dapping up Steph Curry after his ejection and smiling into the camera became an instant meme… AM

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BasketNews @BasketNews_com
Draymond Green was EJECTED less than four minutes into the game 🫣❌ AM
Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater
“What — did we really think he was never getting ejected again?”
The Warriors responded to a Draymond Green first quarter DQ in a way they’ve failed this season. Win through adversity.
Story from Orlando…1:18 AM
Kendra Andrews @kendra__andrews
“We all are passionate about the game and our chances to have something to play for down the stretch. You give everything you’ve got to this game. That’s the emotion.”
ESPN story on Draymond Green’s ejection and Steph Curry’s emotions that followed:…12:12 AM
Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater
Pool report on the Draymond Green ejection.
Crew chief Mitchell Ervin: “After a prolonged diatribe, Green directed egregious profane language towards a game official.”
Ervin said Green’s history didn’t have any impact on the decision: “Absolutely not.”…11:09 PM
Alvaro Martin @AlvaroNBAMartin
Expulsan a Draymond Green por boconear con los árbitros apenas tres minutos tras comenzar el partido de @Warriors ante @ElOrlandoMagic.
Las imágenes de @StephenCurry30 tras la expulsión son elocuentes.
Vídeo: @Warriors PM
Kendra Andrews @kendra__andrews
Stephen Curry on Draymond Green’s ejection: “We need him. He knows that. We all know that. So whatever we need to do to keep him on the floor and be available, that’s what’s got to happen. Especially at this point in the year.” – 10:45 PM
Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater
Steph Curry on the Draymond Green ejection: “All I’ll say is we need him. He knows that. We all know that. So whatever it takes for him to be on the floor and available, that’s what’s gotta happen.” PM

Draymond Green @Money23Green
Great DUB!! Appreciate my dawgs holding it down! On to the next one!
Candace Buckner @CandaceDBuckner
Draymond is the finesse king, yall. He’s the only man in history who can stomp on a guy’s chest, choke out someone else and then wally-slap another dude and yet cash in that behavior to star in a phone commercial about personal “growth.”
…then still rack up techs in real life – 10:20 PM
Adam Wexler @AdamJWexler
Warriors Draymond Green earned 2 technical fouls just 3:36 into Golden State’s game tonight, here’s the pool report.
Technical 1 for his initial, lengthy diatribe at the official.
Technical 2 for egregious, profane language directed at the official. PM

Ball Don’t Lie @Balldontlie
“He deserved it.”
Steve Kerr on Draymond Greens ejection
(via @NBCSWarriors) PM

Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater
Steve Kerr on the Draymond Green ejection: “Too bad. It was unfortunate. He deserved it. He will bounce back.”
Asked if it eroded any of the recent confidence Draymond has built: “No” PM

Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater
Gut-check win for the Warriors in Orlando on the second night of a b2b. No Jonathan Kuminga. Draymond Green ejected after four minutes. Steph Curry cold. Magic made several pushes. But the defense stood up, the young guys rebounded well and Steph closed. – 9:22 PM
This photo of Steph after Draymond’s ejection.
📸 Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images PM

Draymond Green ejected less than four minutes into game vs. Magic as Warriors battle for final Play-In spot…8:33 PM
Kurt Helin @basketballtalk
Well, that escalated quickly: Draymond Green ejected less than four minutes into the game for yelling at the referee…8:22 PM
Gilbert Arenas @GilsArenaShow
Sheed is excited for Draymond Green to break his career ejections record 😂 PM

Chris Biderman @TheWarriorsWire
Warriors’ mounting losses are not encouraging for Draymond Green… PM

Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater
The Warriors defense has given up 20, 17 and now 11 points the last three quarters. The Magic went 3-of-22 shooting in the first quarter. Missed all eight 3s. Warriors are up 27-11 despite the Draymond Green early exit. It’s a Trayce Jackson-Davis, Kevon Looney center rotation. – 7:40 PM
Draymond Green was ejected in the first quarter after receiving two technical fouls for discussing calls with the ref. PM

StatMuse @statmuse
Fun fact: Draymond Green was on pace to record 48 rebounds tonight. PM

Jason Anderson @JandersonSacBee
The Warriors are only one game ahead of the Rockets for the final play-in spot and Draymond Green just got ejected less than four minutes into tonight’s game against Orlando. – 7:22 PM
“It’s disgusting what the Clippers have been doing since the All-Star break.”
@kendrickperkins on the L.A. Clippers’ recent performances. PM

StatMuse @statmuse
Draymond tonight:
Ejected with 45 minute left of game time. PM

Monte Poole @MontePooleNBCS
Draymond, ejected
Too much demonstrative chatter, so Ray Acosta sends him to the showers less than 5 minutes into Warriors-Magic – 7:17 PM
Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater
Draymond Green was just ejected less than four minutes into the game in Orlando. Two technicals for an argument with official Ray Acosta. – 7:17 PM
Kendra Andrews @kendra__andrews
Draymond Green gets two T’s 8:24 into the game and is ejected for the night. Was continuously arguing an official after what Green through was a wrong call. – 7:16 PM
Cody Taylor @CodyTaylorNBA
Draymond Green was issued a technical foul after Stephen Curry was whistled for a foul. He just picked up another T in the timeout and was ejected from the game. – 7:16 PM
Dan Savage @Dan_Savage
Draymond Green has been ejected. – 7:16 PM
Kendra Andrews @kendra__andrews
Warriors starting lineup against the Magic: Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, Draymond Green and Trayce Jackson-Davis – 6:35 PM
Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater
Warriors starters tonight in Orlando
Steph Curry
Klay Thompson
Andrew Wiggins
Draymond Green
Trayce Jackson-Davis – 6:32 PM
In the words of @kendrickperkins, “If this list makes you uncomfortable, it’s supposed to.” 😤 PM

Peter Vecsey @PeterVecsey1
Draymond Green is one murder rap away from TNT giving him his own show, and Spike Lee building a commercial campaign around his apparent mental illness… – 1:59 PM

More on this storyline

95.7 The Game: Steve Kerr on why he thinks Steph Curry got emotional after Draymond got ejected: “Every game being so important. And us fighting for everything and for Draymond to get kicked out three minutes in. It was really unforgivable. And I think Steph may have been a little upset with himself for not pulling Draymond out of there but I think mostly it was just, come on, man.” (via @WillardAndDibs ) -via Twitter / March 28, 2024
ClutchPoints: These are the players with the most regular season ejections in the last 25 seasons 👀 🔹 Rasheed Wallace with 25 games 🔹 Draymond Green with 19 games 🔹 DeMarcus Cousins with 17 games Dray has tied the most this season with 4 (career-high) 😬 -via Twitter @ClutchPointsApp / March 28, 2024
ClutchPoints: “I got ejected four minutes into the [Warriors-Magic] game. Just can’t do it… To Steph [Curry’s] point, I have to be on the floor and whatever that means. You just have to do that.” — Draymond Green 🗣 (via @TheVolumeSports) -via Twitter @ClutchPointsApp / March 28, 2024
Kendrick Perkins: When you see a team that’s a veteran team like that, that has been inconsistent, that means there’s not a real voice in the locker room. And KD has the resume, he has the credentials to be that voice. And whether that be calling guys out or lifting guys up, in order for the Phoenix Suns to take that next step, he has to be uncomfortable. And I said this about him a month ago, the Phoenix Suns haven’t had a leader since Chris Paul left. That doesn’t mean a guy that’s not gonna go out there and produce numbers and do what he do, but an actual leader. That’s why they’re one of the worst fourth-quarter teams, if not the worst fourth-quarter team in the league. That comes with leadership. -via HoopsHype / March 30, 2024
Do you think Jalen Brunson is the best PG right now? How far do you think the Knicks can go this season? Kendrick Perkins: If the Knicks were healthy – that means having Julius Randle, OG Anunoby back in the lineup – the Knicks could actually go to the NBA Finals. They’re equipped to win now. They got great depth. Their defense is ferocious. They play with a tenacity like no other, led by Tom Thibodeau. But right now – and I call them the Villanova boys with the three-headed monster led by Jalen Brunson – I wouldn’t be surprised if they reached the Conference Finals if they could get to the No. 2 or 3 seed and prevent from seeing the Celtics in the second-round matchup. -via HoopsHype / March 30, 2024
I saw a stat that had Jayson Tatum with the lowest field goal percentage during crunch time for superstars. What do you think they should do in crunch time to maybe not be so predictable against other teams? Kendrick Perkins: Well, I think sometimes you gotta run misdirection and other times, you might have to run plays for other players. You do have Jrue Holiday on the roster, he’s battle-tested, and you do have Derrick White.  Doc Rivers used to always say just because I draw up your play doesn’t mean it’s your shot. And I think the world has painted this narrative that if superstars don’t take the last shot, they don’t have a killer mindset and that’s not the case. We have seen time and time again when LeBron James passed up on shots and got great shots for others, wide-open looks. -via HoopsHype / March 30, 2024



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