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How to Activate your Paycheck Plus Card | Activate Paycheck Plus Prepaid Card | Customer Service Number - Paycheck Plus

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Paycheck Plus Select MasterCard Prepaid Card provides quick access to your money without too much formality. You can have the convenience of direct deposit and use your Paycheck Plus card to do shopping, make bill payments, and make everyday purchases. The best part is that anyone can apply for this card, and no sign-up fee is associated.The Elite PaycheckPlus card provides several advantages, such as collecting tax refunds or any other government pay and quick access to cash at in-network ATMs. You don’t have to pay a fee when you use Comerica or Allpoint ATMs. The Paycheck Plus cardholder services allow the cardholder to sign up for text or email alerts for important notifications and balance information.If you apply for Paycheck plus card or have got one delivered, you need to activate it as well. So, we have devised a few methods to activate Paycheck Plus Prepaid Card. You can use these methods to get your card activated. If you face any difficulty, you can call the Paycheck Plus c...


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