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Motorsports Newsletter 3/27/24

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By Richard Parks

EDITOR: While history is important in understanding our past, it is important to remember that we need to be civil and let past anger subside. Motorsports is a competitive industry, but I am amazed at how in the heat of battle, racers and teams have come to the aid of their opponents. You are a great bunch of people, best in the world, in what my father would call “The Church of Speed.”
AND: Some events have already passed. I must get events at least 2 weeks ahead, as the newsletter is only weekly.
AND: Should email addresses, or phone #s be listed after the names of submitters to the newsletter? Yes, or No?
AND: Write, visit, email or call to your friends often. At our age you may not get another chance.
AND: Congratulations to Alex Xydias, Founder of So-Cal Speed Shop, on his 102nd Birthday.
AND: Some servers refuse to allow the newsletters to reach people on my list. Then to confuse the issue those servers
allow the newsletter through but informs me that it did not. AOL is another problem-maker among servers. If you received the March 20 newsletter then all is well, if not, then your server is rejecting my “BULK” newsletters again. Please check your spam folder to see if the newsletter is there.
APOLOGIES AND RETRACTIONS DEPARTMENT: I wrote the following: “Oscar Koveleski is listed on racingsports
mobile. The editor stands corrected.

1) Passings in 2023. In order not to overwhelm readers with grief this will be serialized in coming issues. Five-time NHRA Top Alcohol Dragster world champ Bill Reichert passed away March 26. He was 71. Reichert won five straight world championships, 2006-10, and collected 28 national event wins and 54 divisional/regional victories. https://www.nhra.
AND: Foy Gilmore, of Pensacola, Florida, passed away on March 14. He was 82. Foy owned and operated Specialty Machine Products, aka Foy Gilmore Race Cars (SEMA #55). Foy was influential and instrumental to a variety of people (Whit Bazemore, Gary Evans, Jerry Gwynn) both locally and nationally. Foy held many titles throughout his life such as son, brother, fabricator, driver, crew chief, engine builder, machinist, mentor, storyteller, father figure and friend. He shared his knowledge with everyone and had so many memorable moments such as racing against Don Garlits. https://www.
AND: Fuel Altered pioneer Dave Hough, who spent more than 40 years in the class, first as a driver then a tuner for his son, Rick, and then grandson Kyle, fielding his iconic Nannook entries, died on March 10. He was 79. https://www.nhra.
AND: More relating to the passing of William “Bill” Bader Sr in 2022. We just have to say that our prayers are with Bill’s family and his racing families, we are all so lucky to have had Bill in our lives. He was such a lively personality. We all loved him for his charisma and his feelings for racing. He had this special talent of winning you over in a minute. He had so many hopes and dreams with out of the box ideas and thoughts and he made them come true. What a patriot he was to racing and what a friend he was to all that met him. We remember so many times we were at the raceway for so many events and ‘of course it had rained’ and the track was not totally paved yet and Bill would come running to George or announce his name on the speakers to report to the tower and then he would say, ‘hey I need stone, can you get me some stone?’ George would call his dad and later in life call Bill Mesenburg and here the trucks would come, how could you ever not help Bill Bader. He always told George that they saved the day. (which was not true, but they did help). We truly have been so lucky to have Norwalk Raceway Park as a venue in our area, thanks to Bill, it has attracted so many racers and patrons to the area. We are so sorry for your loss, and everyone will remember him always for what he did for racing and what he stood for as a KING to racing, great father, grandfather and warm personality he was. Loved him dearly. With the deepest
sympathy, George and Joyce Mesenburg
AND: Robert Stephen Brissette was born June 5, 1963, in Whittier, CA and raised in La Habra, CA where he graduated from Sonora High School and pursued an AAS Degree in Automotive at DSU. He passed away on October 20, 2021. He spent 20+ years working on cars as well as racing the Bonneville Salt Flat and El Mirage where he broke a 200+mph record. He enjoyed rides on his motorcycle. He was a character and had a blast being an extra in various movies over the years. He loved his heritage wearing a kilt and just plain goofing around. He was a big flirt. He was always there to help someone in need even if he didn’t know them. Rob is survived by Debbie, his beloved wife of 32 years, his daughters, Jessie (Steven) Willams, Faith Brissette, son, Sean (Jolene) Brissette, his grand
children; Michael, Aydeen, Skylar, Serenity, and Jackson, his father, Robert Brissette, a brother, David Oliver and sister Jenene Brissette. From: Ron Main at ron.

2) Don’t miss SHIRLEY, a special FOX documentary on the life and career of the legendary Shirley Muldowney tonight on FS1 at 7p ET! Muldowney, a three-time NHRA Top Fuel world champion, has been called a trailblazer and the “First Lady of Drag Racing.” Tune in TONIGHT, March 20, 2024, for the premiere of SHIRLEY on FS1 at 7p ET! From: National Hot Rod Association updates. 140 Via Verde, Suite 100, San Dimas, CA 91773.

3) In May 2024, the Petersen Automotive Museum will embark on its inaugural International Rally which will take place in some of the world’s most coveted automotive destinations, providing a one-of-a-kind experience to an intimate group of participants. The first of a new International Rally series will take place in Italy and the South of France: a week of highly curated experiences and exclusive access to the very best of European landmarks, factories, collections, art venues and culinary experiences. From: Petersen Automotive Museum info.

4) 9-Time NHRA Event Winner Mike Salinas Stepping Away From Top Fuel Dragster Daughter Jasmine Salinas to take over seat while Mike deals with personal health matters.Google
nhra-mike-salinas-stepping-away-from-top-fuel-dragster/. From Don Smith.
EDITOR: Here’s wishing Mike and daughter Jasmine all the best in 2024. Mike is a gentleman whom I got to know at the Nitro Revival Reunion last November.

Don Ewald died? Cole Coonce cole.coonce.
AND: NAH, Richard is confusing brothers. John, the REAL photographer in the family, is deceased. DWjr (Dave Wallace Jr) aafueler.
AND: Sincere apologies to Don Ewald, who is still alive and continuing the website WE DID IT FOR LOVE. It was John Ewald we lost.

6) We are excited to present our newest upcoming exhibit, ‘Eyes on the Road!’ We invite everyone to visit this new exhibit starting March 30, 2024, to explore some truly remarkable pieces from a variety of artists and offer everyone a unique insight on one of our most culturally significant stories of the highway. Petersen Automotive Museum info,
Petersen Automotive Museum, 6060 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036.

7) BLAST FROM THE PAST…… From the Wally & Barbara Parks story, We Did It Our Way.
The 1940 AAA National Championship auto racing season began on May 30 and concluded on September 2. Wilbur Shaw won the Indy 500 and Rex Mays won the AAA points championship. After Mays in the points chase came Wilbur Shaw, Mauri Rose, Ted Horn, and Joel Thorne. The International 500 Mile Sweepstakes was again won by Wilbur Shaw on May 30 for the second year in a row. The Langhorne 100 miler was taken by Duke Nalon on June 16. The Springfield 100 miler was held on August 24 with Rex Mays victorious. The Syracuse 100 miler was won by Rex Mays on September 2.

8) We now have two more Team members to add on as Hidden Pioneers, Kevin and Tiffany Howard, and we have worked together on several events in the past and recent months. Let’s welcome them both to the Team and plan to connect them up with the Las Vegas members ASAP. CSI Bill Montgomery at hiddenpioneers.

9) Industry Racing reports Speedway motorcycle racing at the Industry Hills Expo Center will hold nine (9) race meets in 2024, with seven (7) on a Saturday and two (2) on a Wednesday. The season opener will be on Saturday June 1, 2024. We at Industry Racing are well aware how difficult the financial situation in America is right now and are doing everything we can to keep prices in check. We suffer the same as you with higher costs on everything. Our switch to Saturday nights can only succeed with your support. So please tell or better yet bring a friend or two and whenever possible use our sponsors, because they help pay the bills. Howie Zechner howie.

10) John Hunt of the British Drag Racing Historians Association wrote in about their group.
John Hunt is at johnhunt.drn.

11) Dave Wallace Jr reports on circulation problems in the 1970’s drag racing publications. (continued from last week).
“The poop hit the fan in late 1975, when someone submitted a request for mailing info via the federal Freedom Of Information Act with our local Orange County, Calif., post office. That person or organization “surely not related to National Dragsterd?” photocopied & widely mailed throughout the industry a report that revealed far, FAR fewer of the subscribers who accounted for the vast majority of buyers by this time (vs. declining single-copy sales at speed shops or newsstands). I don’t recall the exact count; something close to TWENTY-thousand “real ones,” only. I learned of this report only later, after Doris had suddenly, inexplicably shut down & thrown our small staff out of work very late one Monday night, as we were boxing up the flats for what proved to be her final issue. All she said was that she was closing both Drag News (hers since 1959) & the biweekly Boat News.” (to be continued).
EDITOR: Does anyone else have a story to tell about the “Circulation Wars” in the drag racing media of long ago?

12) The Fifth Annual Chattanooga Motorcar Festival has announced its 2024 dates as October 11-13, and will again host family-friendly events held in the heart of the Scenic City. Mecum Auctions will return for the fourth year at the Chattanooga Convention Center. More details on this and other happenings surrounding the festival will be announced in the coming weeks. The Concours d’Elegance is Sunday’s headliner in the streets of West Village, boasting hundreds of significant cars from all generations and from around the world. Eighteen to 20 classes, plus six for special awards, will be judged by distinguished world-class experts and all winners will receive their awards and accolades on the Concours stage in front of the Westin Chattanooga Hotel in West Village. Contact Judy Stropus at jvstropus.

13) When we first went online, Tom Davey, winner of the Road Racing Drivers Club RRDC BOB AKIN Award, recruited a technical whiz named Jeff Tan who was the most important person in Tom’s later life – as a friend, a protégé and something of a son. Jeff built the Safe Is Fast website, shot and edited 30 or 40 of the early tutorials and continued bailing us out of innumerable technical challenges. But Jeff’s unheralded and critical contribution was that he spent many years quietly managing Tom’s declining health, arranging his many hospitalizations and helping Tom through those last, painful months of hospice. Jeff can’t be with us tonight, but Tom’s Bob Akin trophy is his to keep as a tribute to his selfless care and his endless kindness, and as a reminder of his unique relationship with this exceptional man.” From: Judy Stropus at

Please keep sending. Enjoyed comments about “Tee” Cook. Am an old Jersey real small time drag racer myself and still
going at it at 82 years old. Terry is real good, an honorable guy. See Don Smith contributing, a longtime friend, super person. Please keep it up. Mike Kunzman
MIKE: Write in often and tell us about your racing career.
AND: Thank you for the effort you put into the newsletter and please continue to send to me. Skip Govia at
AND: I love your newsletter! And boo that you won’t be at Pomona. I was hoping to see you! November is a long time to wait! Always great to hear from you! Susan Wade at wadeproductions.
READERS: Susan Wade is a SUPERB reporter for Motorsports.
AND: Thanks so much for the shout out in your newsletter. It’s wonderful to be able to share these photos with you. More to come when I find them! Camee Edelbrock
CAMEE: We’re proud of you, the THIRD generation of an illustrious Motorsports family, that started on the dry lakes of Southern California and expanded world-wide.

15) Your notes on Jackie Stewart in the last two issues of your newsletter got me to recalling what a gentleman he is. I spent a day on the Ford Motor Co test track in Detroit with Jackie as my co-pilot explaining what I was doing right and where I was blowing it but always in his quiet, gentlemanly way. If I made a really nice corner or switchback, he would complement me on it but then he would point out where I could have done better. Same thing when I made a dumb mistake, he would explain where it started to go bad and what I could have done to save it. He also explained the various track conditions and how to “use them.” Bottom line here is, not only is he a world champion driver, but he is also a world class gentleman who is willing and able to explain why he makes each move on the track. From Harry Hibler at Harry.Hibler.

16) Alex Xydias, founder of the SoCal Speed Shop, and many, many other accolades, celebrated his 102nd
birthday at – where else? – Bob’s Big Boy in Toluca Lake last March 22, 2024. He is as sharp as ever and really got a kick out of seeing all his friends. There were 21 of us in all with several famous names among the group: Ed Pink, Troy Ladd,
Jimmy Shine, Pete Eastwood, several members of the Chapouris family, Tony Thacker, David Steele, Ed Justice Jr,
Bruce Meyer and many others. Alex is a great guy, a WWII Army Air Corps vet (B-17s and B-24s), one of the driving forces behind SEMA and the SEMA show, racing filmmaker, just too many accomplishments to list. While some guys of his era made a lot of enemies, Alex made nothing but friends. I’ve never heard anyone say a bad word about him. Everyone loves him, and understandably so. Happy birthday, Alex! Mark Vaughn, West Coast Editor, Autoweek Magazine, is at

17) Rio Hondo College attended the February 23rd SEMA Youth Conference and sent two students and Admin coordinator to check out the event and was also very impressed to set up a student tour in the near future. They were going to send 25 students, but last min could not. That seems to be an ongoing problem we are trying to fix and events like this get us closer to solving this issue. Long Beach Community College sent two instructors that did the tour and enjoyed the presentation so they can go back and spread the good news. They were set to bring 20 students but could not pull it off. At least they sent two teachers to see it. Bill Montgomery

18) 2024 marks the beginning of the next chapter of the nearly 50-year history and substantial growth of Historic Sportscar Racing (HSR) as one of the nation’s most successful vintage and historic motorsports organizations. Beginning its third year under IMSA ownership, HSR enters this season with a new president and a record-setting season-opening event already in the books. At the same time, HSR’s leadership has renewed its commitment to the sanctioning body’s core values as a premier vintage and historic sports car racing organization while keeping a focused eye on the future. Chris Ward was named Historic Sportscar Racing (HSR) President. From: adam.

19) Dragstalgia Santa Pod Raceway, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom, July 5-7, 2024, is a vintage lifestyle weekend dedicated to race cars, bikes and hot rods from a bygone era. See vehicles from Santa Pod’s illustrious history return to the strip whilst enjoying Championship racing, live music, Jet Car, Show & Shine with the NSRA, Cacklefest, beer festival and much more. Camping available onsite so come for the weekend. For more information and to book, please visit

20) Book review, City of Speed: Los Angeles and the rise of American Racing, by Joe Scalzo. Reviewed by Doug Stokes.
Their stories are all here and more, Scalzo speaks the motor dialect and leaves nothing to chance here in City of Speed: Los Angeles and the rise of American racing. Talking about the long gone, Riverside Raceway he posited: “Riverside devoured the innocent and the hard-edged alike, from now on they’d be averaging 100 miles per hour around Riverside’s three hungry miles and nine corners, and of which could eat you alive.” Maybe it’s best to just fire off Joe Scalzo’s opening monologue here. I think that it sets the mood and marks the tone of Joe using a hacksaw as a surgeon’s knife when making a point that’s not to say the work is crude, it’s just pretty blatant. Here … read it for yourself. (to be continued)

21) My latest contribution to, “Carspotting: Where Did All of California’s Big Oranges Go?” Google

22) DRAGSTRIPS in the USA and Canada. National Speedway Directory, 2504 Lake Avenue, Wilmette, Illinois.
Richmond Dragway, Richmond, Virginia, 1/4-mile.
Rock Falls Raceway, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, 1/4-mile.
Rockingham Dragway, Rockingham, North Carolina, 1/4-mile.
Rocky Mountain Raceways, West Valley City, Utah, 1/4-mile.

23) (Continued from previous newsletter) In 1988 Jackie Stewart formed Paul Stewart Racing with his son Paul Stewart. Subsequently, in 1996, they formed Stewart Grand Prix, which was sold to the Ford Motor Company in 1999. He has been a Rolex Testimonee since 1968 and an Ambassador for Moët Hennessy since 1969. Stewart also enjoyed 40 years with the Ford Motor Company and is currently engaged on a multi-year contract with Heineken. Stewart is the founder of Race Against Dementia, President of Dyslexia Scotland, Founder and former Chairman of the Grand Prix Trust, President of the Springfield Youth Club, Vice-President of the British Racing Drivers’ Club and the British Dyslexia Association. He was awarded the OBE in 1972 and was knighted in 2001. He earned an Honorary Professorship from the University of Stirling and received eight Honorary Doctorates from US, Scottish and English Universities. From: Judy Stropus.

24) JUNE 2, 2024, 49th Mother Lode Swap Meet, Gold Country Fairgrounds, Auburn, CA. For info call Erik 530-848-5910 or Gary 916-599-0059 or
JUNE 2, 2024, The Friends of Steve McQueen Car & Motorcycle Show, Chino Hills. carshow. Sent in by Sherm Porter who is at fuely32.

25) Know your motorsports personality. Adam Bailey, CEO of SX Global. The FIM World Supercross Championship is held in premium stadiums across the globe and combines elite racing, freestyle motocross stunts, live music and entertainment to create the ultimate fan experience. Compiled from Epartrade.
AND: Matt Hartford, NHRA Pro Stock driver and CEO of Total Seal Piston Rings, joined us for the 4th Annual Race Industry Week. Hosted by Joe Castello of WFO Radio. From: EPARTRADE.
AND: Ryan Sage, one of the original founders of Formula DRIFT, joined us for the 4th Annual Race Industry Week.
Hosted by George Tamayo of From: EPARTRADE team.

26) Drag Racing’s Rebels: How the AHRA Changed Quarter-Mile Competition, written by Doug Boyce, from CarTech Publishers. Reviewed by Richard Parks for the Gone Racin’ series. 2023. (to be serialized)
The Chapter titles give some idea of the contents of the book. Chapter 1: Giving a Little Credit refers to Walt Mentzer and the early organizers of the AHRA. Chapter 2: 1957-1963: Nitro is for Racing, which Don Garlits credits with the success of the AHRA. Chapter 3: 1961-1966: Home of the Funny Car. Chapter 4: Recapping the 1960’s. Chapter 5: The 1970’s: Good Times and Bad Times. Chapter 6: The 1980’s: The Sun Sets. Gone Racin’ can be reached at RnParks1 CarTech Publishers can be reached at 1-800-551-4754 or (to be continued)

27) The following letter from Doug (Potvin Doug) Peterson describes his nostalgia drag racing experiences. I had moved from Arcadia to Lodi, CA in 1972. Nostalgia drag racing was still early in its existence and was composed completely of old race cars. Later on, after I had built several Chrysler powered hot rod projects over the years, my 15-year-old daughter
Lori and I learned of and attended our first Nostalgia drag race (1992) at Sacramento Raceway. Some really historic cars were there, and it really relit my interest. At the end of that day, I asked Lori if she would like to build a dragster, true to the old designs, and race it, and she was very excited about the idea. So, we did. My favorite period in drag racing was always the late 1950’s, when I first attended so we built it as a tribute to that early, home-built era. We first ran Hilborn injection on our engine, which was an ideal setup for Lori to learn with. As I knew she would, Lori took right to it. Doug is at potvindoug2. (to be continued)

28) Alex Miladinovich started (and ended) his 2022 NHRA competition with a bang when his family-built Funny Car took a hard right about 300-feet from launch in the left lane into the right lane barrier wall during the final round of qualifying at the famed Winternationals. The Hot-4-Teacher Toyota Camry Funny Car driver was famously quoted as saying, “The mustard fell off the hot dog!” in a post-race interview. Alex Miladinovich is at amiladinovich.

29) Yes, it is a pretty good site. Jack (Cycledrag) Korpela started covering the “underground” Grudge Bike racing scene years ago when it was totally unknown outside their world. The current PSM champion is from that world. Grudge Bike racing is of course totally ignored by the NHRA. The NHRA gave Vance and Hines a virtual blank check as well as a monopoly on the PSM class. They are killing the class. Most Nationals no longer manage to fill out a full PSM field. The price to race in the class is ridiculously high and what are the rewards to do so? Especially when you know the situation with the V&H monopoly of the class. As I was told years ago by the owner of the Geico PSM team regarding racing against V&H in the NHRA PSM class, “we are a bunch of sportsmen racing against a well-funded professional team.” Adding, “they’ve got their (the NHRA’s) ear, they (V&H) get anything they want.” Don Redmon at replikad.

30) Saturday, June 22, 2024, “The Greatest Corvette Story Ever Told.” We will tell the story of the famous Camoradi Race Team and the #4 Corvette that competed in the 1960 24-Hours of Le Mans Participants will include Richard Prince (author of the article below and the official photographer of the Corvette Race Team), Dominic Testa (car owner), and Chuck Schroedel (who crewed on the car at Le Mans in ’60). This is IMSA race weekend at WGI, so this program will begin at approx. 5:30 and last roughly 90 minutes. The Camoradi car will be on display in the Research Center https://www. From Kip Zeiter kip@racingarchives.
org, Coordinator of Visitor Services/Outreach, IMRRC, Watkins Glen, NY, 607-535-9044,

31) HIDDEN PIONEERS: DJ/Music/emcee are Kriss FM, Mad Mike, and CSI Bill Montgomery.
Designers/Mentorship are Camilo Pardo, Emeline King, Larry Wood, Stewart Reed, and Tom Matano.
Engineers/Mentorship are Bob Rosas, Jerry Blackburn, Martin Horowitz, and Ron Furguson.

32) BLAST FROM THE PAST…… From the Wally & Barbara Parks story, We Did It Our Way.
The 1933 AAA National Championship automobile racing season began on May 30 and ended on September 9. Louis Meyer won both the Indy 500 and the AAA National Championship. Meyer was followed in the points standings by Lou Moore, Wilbur Shaw, Chet Gardner, and Stubby Stubblefield. The International 500 Mile Sweepstakes was won by Louis Meyer on May 30. The Detroit 100 miler was captured by Bill Cummings on June 11. The Elgin National Trophy 203-mile Road Race was taken by Phil Shafer on August 26. The Syracuse 100 miler went to Bill Cummings on September 9.

33) Here is a two-part series on Australian drag racing by Lex Swayn. “The mention of my contact with many American drag racers prompted me to reflect on the long tradition of American influence on the sport in Australia. In 1966, Bob Keith and five other race teams headed Down Under and ignited enthusiasm for drag racing by showing all those young Aussie guys how professionally built dragsters should perform. The sport exploded in popularity as a direct result of this US Drag Festival. In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, Camp Stanley and many other blown sedan teams came and considerably boosted an already growing Wild Bunch scene, which eventually evolved into the hugely successful Pro category of Top Doorslammer. Dave Wallace Jr came along and reported on the tours for US magazines.” Lex Swayn is at
lex. (to be continued)

34) I didn’t know there was a rift between RTA and SCTA, and so you are probably correct. It was just what came to mind at that moment. Miler Mike Stewart
MILER MIKE: Every organization had rifts from time to time. Members of the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) refused to allow coupes to race in their dry lake meets as they felt it would overload the event, tear up the course and that coupes weren’t as competitive, so the Russetta Timing Association (RTA) formed after WWII to allow coupes, modifieds and roadsters. The rift widened when Lou Baney and Bob Barsky commandeered the Hot Rod Exposition in 1949 after the SCTA had created the event in 1948. SCTA then refused to allow Russetta to run at Bonneville in 1949. That carried over to Barsky/Baney opposing Ak Miller, Wally Parks and Robert “Pete” Petersen during the American Hot Rod Council (AHRC) meetings of 1950, leading to the founding of the NHRA in 1951. By 1961 the RTA disbanded and joined the SCTA, but rifts and feuds continued long after that.

35) A Doubtful Character at Narrogin. An interesting entry for the 1951 AGP was a Maserati 6C entered by Colin Murray from the UK. Mr Murray withheld his given name so that the WASCC thought that they were dealing with David Murray of Ecurie Ecosse. When his ship arrived at Fremantle, the WASCC expected to meet David Murray with his Maserati 4CL. Instead, they found Lancashire driver, Colin Murray, and his 1936 Maserati 6CM, an unknown driver with an older and slower car. (for the full review go to robertcampbell4.

36) Books and Manuals from CarTech Publishing, 6118 Main Street, North Branch, Minnesota 55056, 1-800-551-4754, Bronco Racing: Ford’s Legendary 4X4 in Off-Road Competition, by John Elkin. Ken Miles: The Shelby American Years, by David Friedman. Chrysler’s Motown Missile: Mopar’s Secret Engineering Program at the Dawn of Pro Stock, by Geoff Stunkard. Grumpy’s Toys: The Authorized History of Grumpy Jenkins’ Cars, by Doug Boyce.

37) Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were peaceful. Attached is the NHRA Motorsports Museum flyer for our 2024 Twilight Cruise dates. We would appreciate it if you could post the flyer or announce the dates. I think the NHRA Motorsports Museum is everybody’s favorite museum and hang out. We are open Wednesday thru Sunday, 10am-5pm. Regards, Patrick Wright, Operations Manager, Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum, 1101 McKinley Avenue, Building 3A, Pomona, CA 91768. Or write to pwright.
READERS: Here is the link to the museum’s flyer. The Twilight Cruise nights begin on the 1st Wednesday of each month beginning in March and continuing on to December, from 4 to 7 pm. There is a fun raffle type contest that goes half to the museum and the other half to contestants. A $5 entry fee also provides access to the museum. Museum members are free.

38) Hot off the press today: Here’s the link: Hidden Pioneers check this out, pretty good for the In-kind-trade out. Inspiring Stories from the OC – Vo
yage LA Magazine | LA City Guide. Just wanted to let you know that your article is now live on Voyage LA. From Bill Montgomery, Hidden Pioneers at hiddenpioneers.

39) September 1, 2024, Milwaukee, 1 Milwaukee 2, Wisconsin.
September 1, 2024, Italian Grand Prix, Monza, Italy.
September 1, 2024, Southern 500 Darlington, North Carolina.
September 1, 2024, NHRA US Nationals Indianapolis, Indiana.
September 1, 2024, Austin, Texas.
September 1, 2024, Grand Prix of Aragon, Spain.
September 8, 2024, Quaker State 400 Atlanta, Georgia.
September 8, 2024, San Marino Misano, Italy.
September 15, 2024, Music City Grand Prix.
September 15, 2024, Azerbaijan Grand Prix Baku, Azerbaijan.
September 15, 2024, Go Bowling Grand Prix Watkins Glen, New York.
September 15, 2024, Pep Boys NHRA Nationals Maple Grove, New Jersey.
September 15, 2024, 6 Hours of Fuji, Japan.

40) EDITOR: The following is serialized. The Mehlenbacher Family and the Kohler Dragway (AKA Super Boss Dragway,
and Cayuga 1320 Dragway). “In 2003 and 2004, Bruce served as General Manager of Roger Gustin’s AutoStar Productions Inc., producer of the Super Chevy Shows. It was the world’s largest drag race/car show series and featured nitro coupes, jet cars, wheel standers, and exhibition vehicles. Bruce then founded the Pro Modified Racing Association (PMRA), Quick 32 Sportsman Series, and Pro Bike & Sled Series (PBSS) in 2004 and serves as their Director of Operations to the present day. The three series have toured several Canadian provinces and U.S. states, presenting a complete package of drag racing action, with excitement for the fans and close competition for the teams.” Bruce F. Mehlenbacher is at
READERS: Here is another THIRD generation Motorsports family. We are proud of their achievements.

41) On July 25, 1952, Oscar Koveleski raced in the Giant’s Despair Hillclimb in a Stutz Bearcat and finished 58 according to Each source seems to have a different race for Oscar and so it isn’t sure if we will ever know exactly how many races he entered. “I have a website devoted to 1950’s and ’60’s sports car racing I was a good friend of Oscar, and he was a BARC member. There are about a dozen of us who knew Big O well. In 2021 we had a grand party at Watkins Glen for Oscar and created a slide show from all our images. We served a full Polish dinner and lots of beer.” Dave Nicholas (Barcboys). (to be continued)

42) I’m going to Sweden and will have a booth, this summer. I will also be putting together 200 goody bags to take over (My DRAG Cartoons Comic Paper will be in them) so it would be helpful to have sponsorship for the printing AND if anyone wants to add any small item to the bags, that would be great! As Ever LONG LIVE THE FLIES! From Robin Millar MPC-DRAGcartoons Daughter of Pete Millar, King of Cartoons Publisher, Cartoonist, Dragracer, the creator of CARtoons Magazine, publisher of DRAGcartoons, Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth, 310-529-1831 cell, or go to

43) I just published my 4th Screenplay, TIME TRAVEL SPY: Altering the Fabric of Time, and the publisher has already completed the book cover. All my screenplays will be sold in bookstores and online. Paul D. Escudero

44) Autoweek Racing Daily News. 341.68 MPH: NHRA Funny Car pilot Bob Tasca says nothing unofficial about his record speed Mark Tasca became first NHRA racer to eclipse the 340-mph barrier and that might just be drag racing’s final frontier. Alex Albon crash will keep Logan Sargeant out of F1 Australian Grand Prix. Williams failed to bring a third chassis to Melbourne; team removes Sargeant from his ride to keep Albon on the grid. From Don Smith and Autoweek, a publication of Hearst Autos, 2024 Hearst Autos, Inc, 300 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019-3779.

45) Big Daddy Returns: Gone Racin’ To see ”Big Daddy Returns.” Video review by Richard Parks, 30 August 2022. The thread that binds the movie together is the return of Don Garlits to drag racing after a long retirement due to an eye injury. Don had one more ‘bucket list’ wish to fulfill as a drag racer; to make a 300-mph run. His lengthy lists of achievements in the sport lacked this one accomplishment. At the 2001 NHRA US National Championships held at Indianapolis Raceway Park (now called Lucas Oil Raceway) Don was offered a ride in the Matco Top Fuel dragster and readily accepted. Gone Racin’ is at RNPARKS1. Dean Papadeas can be reached at deanpapadeas.
com/watch?v=25OFMRsb4wU. (to be continued)

46) Photos from Roland Leong’s Celebration of Life at the Lions Museum from last week is available courtesy of Richard H. Shute, President, Auto Imagery, Inc, 5451 Avenida Encinas Ste D, Carlsbad CA 92008. Just send an email to him at
rhshute. His website is

47) Santa Clarita Valley Corvette Club, Saturday, May 18, 2024, 9am to 11 am, cars and coffee. From Lana Chrisman at

48) Episode #444 – PART 2: “Self-Fitting Graphite Coatings for Pistons, Pumps, Turbos, Blowers & More” by Line2Line Coatings This webinar will be presented by Andy Suman, President; Mark Gelstein, Business Development; and Ai L. Wood III, DRC Engineering Inc. Hosted by Jeff Hammond from SiriusXM, Channel 90. The Zoom presentation will be available live at 9AM PST, Wednesday, March 27th. From: EPARTRADE at team.
READERS: The nice thing about Epartrade is that they keep all 4 years of shows backlogged for you to visit and enjoy with the leaders in their field. Contact Epartrade at team and they will show you how to view their shows.

49) David Hinton, who guided Historic Sportscar Racing (HSR) through its most recent period of success for more than a decade. One of Hinton’s milestone achievements was steering the sale of HSR to IMSA in early 2022 following the passing of his ownership partners George Tuma in 2018 and Jim Pace two years later. For starters, we have to thank David Hinton, the late George Tuma and Jim Pace and all of HSR’s ownership predecessors who worked tirelessly to create the successful and robust vintage and historic sports car racing organization we have the privilege and responsibility of operating today,” New HSR President Chris Ward said. “Their decades of vision and hard work, combined now with leadership of John Doonan, Ed Bennett and the entire team at IMSA, has us well positioned for our next phase of growth and success, which is already underway in 2024.” From: adam.

50) ABB FIA Formula E World Championship/Date/Country/Venue
13 January 2024 Mexico Mexico City
26-27 January 2024 Saudi Arabia Diriyah
10 February 2024 India Hyderabad
16 March 2024 Brazil São Paulo
30 March 2024 Japan Tokyo
13-14 April 2024 Italy TBD
27 April 2024 Monaco Monaco
11-12 May 2024 Germany Berlin
25-26 May 2024 China Shanghai
29-30 June 2024 United States Portland
20-21 July 2024 Great Britain London

51) Contact Ross Gallagher for a copy of his recorded song that he created for the Nitro Revival Reunion titled The Nitro Mash. Send your request to Ross at rossgallagher.

52) You can see our Bonneville coverage here: Please feel free to share or pass it on. HUGE thanks to the SCTA-BNI and your volunteers for all your hard work; we appreciate it. Tony Thacker
READERS: This is a great site. Thacker is an editor, writer, museum director and hot rodder.

53) “KARTING” written by Leroi Tex Smith. Review by Doug Stokes at stokes28doug (continued).
The motors where mostly American-made McCulloch and West Bend two-stroke power plants, 6 cubic inches big, that were hooked up to the solid (one piece, no differential) axle through a centrifugal “slipper” clutch. Smith’s clean, understandable text takes readers through all the phases of Karting that were in place and in use in the late 1970’s. The cool thing is that, with Vintage Karting becoming so popular, a lot of the tech advice may well be quite useful. This is a fun book just to flip through, simply to marvel at the ingenuity that’s on display. For me the memories flow back in waves, like living in the San Gabriel Valley and being on hand at some of the first even organized Kart races at the Eastland shopping center in West Covina and being friends with legendary Karters like Kathy Hartmann and Chuck Pittenger. This book takes me back to a wonderfully (almost) innocent time in Karting. (to be continued in the next issue)
DOUG: KART, KART, KARTING, KART, but never GO, GO, GO KART. Hafta remember that.

54) This week’s Inspiring Automotive Enthusiast and some classics from the past celebrating Women’s Month at CARS YEAH PODCAST. Debbie Baker, Cruising for a Cure. Genevieve Aarmendariz, Women are Limitless. Marikay Satryano, Pray Achievement Center. Louise Noeth, Save the Salt. From: Think About It at stuff@landspeedpro

55) Here is the site Jack Korpela is the owner. I have sent a note asking him to contact me via Linkedin.
EJackKorpela%2Ecom&urlhash=-N5B&trk=public_profile_website. Jack is a real hustler! As I recall Jack got his PR training working with the World Wrestling Federation. They are now the WWE so as not to piss off the World Wildlife Fund.
As if one would mistake Hulk Hogan for a Dolphin, etc. Don Redmon at replikad.

56) DRAGSTRIPS in the USA and Canada. National Speedway Directory, 2504 Lake Avenue, Wilmette, Illinois.
King Of The North Dragway, Bonfield, Ontario, 1/4-mile.
Kinston Drag Strip, Kinston, North Carolina, 1/4-mile.
Knoxville Dragstrip, Maynardsville, Tennessee, 1/8-mile.
LaGrange/Troup County Drag Strip, LaGrange, Georgia, 1/8-mile.

57) Remembering Jim McLennan; courtesy of Don Smith.
“I raced at Jim McLennan’s tracks and against some of his cars and nobody was as fair as he was. He will be truly missed however he left much drag racing behind. My sincere condolence to Jim’s family.” Jim Nicoll
“My three years as Fremont Track Photographer (1967-1970) for Jim McLennan will always have a special place in my heart.” Jim Handy (Fotos by TJ)
“Thanks to Jim McLennan for all he gave to our sport of Drag Racing. Jim will be remembered for a long time.” Randy & Pop Bradford (AA/FA)

58) Hidden Pioneers Bring you the Industry Leaders of today & tomorrow of Transportation & Technology. Meet & talk with some of these Pioneers at the Summit. Derek Jenkins – Lucid VP & employee

59) The NHRA High School Students YES program ten 10 city tour 2024. from Bill Montgomery (Hidden Pioneers).
April 5-7: 39th annual NHRA Arizona Nationals, Phoenix, Arizona.
April 12-14: NHRA Four-Wide Nationals, Las Vegas, Nevada.
May 17-19: Route 66 NHRA Nationals Raceway, Chicago, Illinois.
June 27-30: 18th annual Summit, Norwalk, Ohio.
July 19-21: 35th annual Nationals, Raceways, Seattle, Washington.
July 26-28: 36th NHRA, Sonoma Raceway, Sonoma, California.
August 28-September 2: Dodge Power NHRA, Indianapolis, Indiana.
September 20-22: NHRA Carolina, Dragway, Charlotte, North Carolina.
October 10-13: Texas NHRA Nationals, Dallas, Texas.
October 31-November 3: 24th NHRA Las Vegas Nevada Nationals, Las Vegas, Nevada.

60) Please find attached latest newsletter. Dry Lakes Racers Australia (DLRA) Issue 85, April 2024. Disappointing doesn’t really begin to describe 2024, and the way that it ended was particularly cruel. My heart goes out to all those entrants who had committed 100% to competing this year. Especially those that travelled the furthest, I hope you were able to salvage something form this year and we really hope to see you next year. Turning lemons into lemonade seems to be a popular theme as I’ve enjoyed following the exploits of many entrants who decided to turn the week into an adventure and went to some amazing places that they would never normally have had the opportunity to do. Good on all of you. We are already focusing our attention on Speed Week 2025. Gary Satara at gsatara. Follow DLRA on the internet at,, DryLakesRacersAustralia or Instagram@drylakesracersau.

61) Alex Berg Racing Newsletter #58, abjr. The British F4 Season starts on April 27th-28th at Donington Park. I have been practicing on my MySim.CA Pro Model simulator to prepare myself as much as possible. Although this is not my first-time racing in the UK, it will be my first time living there & racing there for a full season. As mentioned above, I have tested with Fortec Motorsports on two occasions. The first at Silverstone Circuit, and once more at Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Valencia, Spain. I am very excited to get back behind the wheel of the British F4 car. Past drivers of Fortec include Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Lando Norris, Stoffel Vandoorne & Juan Pablo Montoya. It is quite an honor to be joining a team with such a legacy. On a side note, in these past few weeks, I have felt like a tiny astronaut who is strapping into his rocket ship to explore what is unknown to him. It is time to explore what is unknown to me: European Racing. T-Minus 7 days until lift-off. See y’all in the UK. Alex Berg

62) March 29, 2024, this Friday Family night from 6pm to 8pm, Downey Space Center: 12400 Columbia Way, Downey, CA 90242 (No cost to Park). The Columbia Memorial Space Center is a science museum in the Los Angeles area, at 12400 Columbia Way, City of Downey, California. It is owned and operated by Downey, and open to the general public as a hands-on space museum and activity center. Bill Montgomery, Hidden Pioneers hiddenpioneers.

GRAND National Roadster Show 2004
GRAND National Roadster Show 2005
GRAND National Roadster Show 2006

64) We need your Vote! Museum of American Speed, vote in the Lincoln (Nebraska) Journal Star contest. With your help, vote for us to become Lincoln’s #1 Museum. museum, 599 Oak Creek Drive, Lincoln, NE 68528.

65) NHRA Arizona Nationals Schedule Update. Mission Foods, NHRA Drag Racing. Friday, 4pm qualifying #1, Mission #2Fast2Tasty Round #1. Saturday, 11:30am NHRA Qualifying #2, Mission #2Fast2Tasty round #2. Saturday, 2pm qualifying #3, Lucas Oil NHRA Winternationals Finals. Mission Foods. From: National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) 140 Via Verde, Suite 100, San Dimas, CA 91773, updates.

66) Herb Weber attended the February 23rd SEMA Youth Conference and has been a College and High School instructor for 20 plus years in Riverside. I have known this COOL teacher for many years and have helped him with my contacts over the years. I ran into him at the Grand National Roadster show two weeks ago and he attended our event with Passion and love. Good man he is and brings blessings to our industry! Bill Montgomery

67) Register now for Wheel Hub Live Magazine’s 2nd Annual event. Incredible hot rods featured in the pages of Wheel Hub Magazine will be at the museum on May 24-25, 2024. Museum of American Speed | 599 Oak Creek Drive, Lincoln, Nebraska 68528. Must register to attend event. From: museum.

68) Our artist panel discussion participants include Disney Legend and Imagineer Bob Gurr, artists Harry B. Chandler and Jeffrey Sincich, moderator J. Carter Tutwiler, and Guest Curator Jim Farber. March 29, 2024, from 5 PM-9 PM. Our new exhibition, Eyes on the Road, brings the often-overlooked “art” of the highway together with artistic representations of this visual culture, highlighting the role of the car in shaping the country’s-built environment and drawing new attention to the world around us. From: Petersen Automotive Museum at info.

69) 2024 INDY NXT by Firestone Schedule/Date/Venue/Broadcast.
Sunday, March 10, 2024, Streets of St Petersburg Peacock.
Sunday, April 28, 2024, Barber Motorsports Park Peacock.
Friday, May 10, 2024, Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course Race 1 Peacock.
Saturday, May 11, 2024, Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course Race 2 Peacock.
Sunday, June 2, 2024, Streets of Detroit Peacock.
Sunday, June 9, 2024, Road America Peacock.
Saturday, June 22, 2024, WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca Race 1 Peacock.
Sunday, June 23, 2024, WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca Race 2 Peacock.
Sunday, July 7, 2024, Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course Peacock.
Saturday, July 13, 2024, Iowa Speedway Peacock.
Saturday, August 17, 2024, WorldWide Technology Raceway Peacock.
Sunday, August 25, 2024, Portland International Raceway Peacock.
Saturday, August 31, 2024, Milwaukee Mile Peacock.
Sunday, September 15, 2024, Streets of Nashville Peacock.

70) The Road Racing Drivers Club (RRDC) videos are updated regularly. Each week, a professional from the world of motor racing answers readers’ questions on the site in a feature called ‘Ask a Pro.’ Bobby Rahal is President, John Fergus is Vice President/Treasurer, and John Clagett is Secretary. The RRDC presents three annual awards: the Phil Hill Award, the Mark Donohue Award, and the Bob Akin Award, and supports the Team USA Scholarship, which has been assisting young Americans in the early stages of their careers since 1990. Membership in the RRDC is by invitation only. Additional information on the organization may be found at Road Racing Drivers Club From: Judy Stropus

71) The Bob Russo Heritage Award has been presented just 14 times in the 35-year history of the MSHFA, but that number will actually be increased by two at next March’s two-day MSHFA Induction Celebration. For the first time, the MSHFA Board has recommended dual recipients in a single year. Edsel B. Ford II’s announcement follows the news earlier this month that Lynsi Snyder-Ellingson, the Owner and President of In-N-Out Burger, will also receive the Heritage Award Honor in 2024 for efforts to preserve the future of drag racing in the United States. Adam Saal at saalgoodpr.

72) Ron Main at ron is looking for information on Bob Bequette, a Sidewinder club member, who drove the Class C Modified Roadster of Fruediger & Cobbs at Bonneville in 1956. His speed was 184.80 mph.
RON: I talked to Jim Miller, and he thinks maybe Alex Xydias might know. I googled the name and there is a Bob Bequette that drove a Stock Car in NASCAR for one race in 1956 with no results listed, but don’t know if it is the same person. Does anyone else know more about Bob Bequette?

73) I don’t know what you will publish and what will truly upset the brass at NHRA Central. I do not want to get any current racers in hot-water or in any trouble with the ‘Powers.’ They have enough to deal with on a regular basis and do not need any help in that arena. Don Redmon at replikad.
DON: The NHRA, like all businesses, has heard it all, and they aren’t mad at anyone. Decisions have to be made and not everyone gets what they want. As long as slander and libel are avoided, I believe it is a service to them to hear all sides of an issue.

74) Know your motorsports personality. Chip Ganassi has been a fixture in the auto racing industry for over 30 years and is considered one of the most successful and innovative owners in motorsports. Overall, his teams have 21 championships and over 250 victories, including five wins in the Indianapolis 500, eight Rolex 24 At Daytona victories, and wins in the 12 Hours of Sebring and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Compiled from Epartrade.

75) Don’t forget replikad.

76) Yes, it is a pretty good site. Jack (Cycledrag) started covering the “underground” Grudge Bike racing scene years ago when it was totally unknown outside their world. The current PSM champion is from that world. Grudge Bike racing is of course totally ignored by the NHRA. The NHRA gave Vance and Hines a virtual blank check as well as a monopoly on the PSM class. They are killing the class. Most Nationals no longer manage to fill out a full PSM field. The price to race in the class is ridiculously high and what are the rewards to do so? Especially when you know the situation with the V&H monopoly of the class. As I was told years ago by the owner of the Geico PSM team regarding racing against V&H in the NHRA PSM class, “we are a bunch of sportsmen racing against a well-funded professional team.” Adding, “They’ve got their (the NHRA’s) ear, they (V&H) get anything they want.” Don Redmon

77) A major and the most recent sign of Historic Sportscar Racing (HSR) strength was a record entry of more than 120 cars for this month’s season opening Spring Fling at Sebring International Raceway. HSR’s opener since 2019, the previous editions of the Spring Fling rarely broke into the three-figure car-count range. The entries were a diverse group of competitors and cars spanning the last 65 years. After a successful marketing career that included co-founding an experiential agency based in Detroit focusing on marketing, PR and events for luxury brands such as Audi, Bombardier, Bentley Motors and Breitling, HSR President Chris Ward called on that expertise in a move to professional sports car racing. From: adam.

78) Coastal 181 Book Store (serving East Coast racing fans) or 1-877-907-8181. Titles include: “The Soul of a Modified, Lenny Boehler’s Ole Blue,” by Lew Boyd. “Hot Shoe! A Checkered Past, My Story,” by Gary Balough with Bones Bourcier. “Modifieds of the Month 2024 Racing Calendar,” by photographer Dick Ayers. “Modified Stock Car Racing of the ’60’s and ’70’s,” by Steve Kennedy.

79) Howie Zechner howie, Industry Racing Press Officer for Speedway motorcycle racing at the Industry Hills Expo Center. Official scoring from the 2/24/24 Big Kids Gumball Rally as well as a copy of the entire program.
Scratch Main 1 Max Ruml, 2 Broc Nicol, 3 Slater Lightcap, 4 Dillon Ruml.
Scratch Semi Final 1 – 1 Max Ruml, 2 Broc Nicol, 3 Alex Martin, 4 Russell Green.
Scratch Semi Final 2 – 1 Slater Lightcap, 2 Dillon Ruml, 3 Austin Novratil, 4 Timmy Dion.
Handicap Main winners, start #:1 Timmy Dion 10, 2 Max Ruml 50, 3 Alex Martin 20, 4 Wilbur Hancock 10, 5 Broc Nicol 50.
Division 2 Main – 1 Eloy Medellin, 2 Rudy Laurer, 3 Harold Hartke, 4 Bruce Marteney.
Division 2 Consolation 1 Ron Davis, 2 David Newsham, 3 Blaise Murray.
Division 3 Main – 1 Antonio Coffman, 2 Catherine Moore, 3 Jake Myers, 4 Tony Rutledge.
Division 3 Consolation 1 Bob Peet, 2 Paige Newsham, 3 Ryan Bacarella, 4 Greg Willis.
Sidecar Main – 1 Joe Jones & Tom Summers, 2 Kevin Kale & Jennifer Hernandez, 3 Ace Kale & Brent Smith.

80) Combined World of Outlaws and High Limit Sprint Car Schedules/Date/Track/City/Series.
10/1/2024 Atomic Speedway Chillicothe OH (High Limit)
10/4/2024 Williams Grove Speedway Mechanicsburg PA (Outlaws)
10/5/2024 Williams Grove Speedway Mechanicsburg PA (Outlaws)
10/8/2024 I-70 Motorsports Park Odessa MO (High Limit)
10/11/2024 Selinsgrove Speedway Selinsgrove PA (Outlaws)
10/11/2024 Texas Motor Speedway Forth Worth TX (High Limit)
10/12/2024 Selinsgrove Speedway Selinsgrove PA (Outlaws)
10/12/2024 Texas Motor Speedway Forth Worth TX (High Limit)
10/18/2024 Dirt Oval 66 Joliet IL (Outlaws)
10/19/2024 Dirt Oval 66 Joliet IL (Outlaws)
10/25/2024 Riverside International Speedway West Memphis AR (Outlaws)
10/26/2024 Riverside International Speedway West Memphis AR (Outlaws)

81) Four-time F1 Champion Sebastian Vettel to test Porsche Penske 963 Hypercar for Le Mans fire up the rumor mill: Vettel will be part of a 36-hour test at Spain’s Motorland Aragón circuit. Zak Brown extends deal to lead McLaren Racing Through 2030. The 52-year-old American marketing whiz has helped turn McLaren into a formidable contender in Formula 1, Formula E, Extreme E. The wooden shed where Ken Tyrrell Built an F1 empire has been saved. The benevolent forces at Goodwood have renovated the structure and brought it to the estate. From Don Smith and Autoweek, a publication of Hearst Autos, 2024 Hearst Autos, Inc, 300 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019-3779.

82) European Rally: Join Us on The Road to Eccellenza. May 17-18-19-20 Monte Carlo, MC Cannes, France Vence, France, Turin, Italy. May 21-22-23 Portofino, Italy Florence, Italy Modena, Italy Motor Valley, Italy. May 24-25 Milano, Italy Lago Maggiore, Italy Villa d’Este, Como, Italy. From: Petersen Automotive Museum info.

83) J.E. Adams, at wefilm1, at stated, “Most of the entire market for modern day website owners’ charge per click meaning, let’s say they get 10 million visits per month. They have salespeople to sell 250,000 (clicks for an ad) then the ad is done, and the ad comes off their site for say $500. The customer or sponsor doesn’t get 10 million views. He or she only gets 250,000 views. I feel that is robbing the customer or sponsor. Press releases in writing will be free (like they did it in the old magazine days), as long as I can hold out. Video news/ads or product releases will be charged in 30-day cycles. No long term/big dollar contracts. We will have a simple $400 per month charge to have videos on our site. We will have PAYPAL buttons with a simple charge the customer selects for a 1-month/3-month/6-month or 12-month onetime payment. Because of our Adamstand™ Workbenches, we will soon launch our ads into millions of homes. Then our ads will link to our websites/where on the bottom of each page on both of our main websites already exists a link right to the American Motorsports News™ website. The difference is when we get 10 million page views, as our exposure grows so will our advertisers and sponsors.”

84) John Hunt of the British Drag Racing Historians Association wrote in about their group.
John Hunt is at johnhunt.drn.

My father wrote to Don Smith, owner of Champion Speed Shop on March 18, 1964. “Dear Don: In spite of what our friend The Blimp had to say, I want to thank you for representing us at the Plymouth get-together at Jack London’s. I had asked Bob Norwood to invite you as NHRA’s rep, with the idea that the affair would contribute some benefits to you and Half Moon Bay. I hope it did. Can’t think of anyone better qualified than the cat who kept the fuelers happy at the Winternationals, and this was one way to express our appreciation of the job (you) did for us. I hope we can look forward to your being down here on June 13 and 14, when the combination Hot Rod Magazine Championship and NHRA Regional is scheduled to take place at Riverside. Our little-bitty-buddy, Bernie Partridge will be the event’s honcho, and will be in supervision of the crew operations. If it is possible we can have you on the team, let me know. Meanwhile, hope I’ll get to see you again one of these days.”
DON: Thank you so much for the letter and I’ve entered it into the story. Who’s the BLIMP, tell us about Bob Norwood and Jack London’s (cafe?).

86) Sherm Porter’s Schedule of car shows and events (fuely32)
APRIL 18-21, 2024, Viva Las Vegas 27 Rockabilly Weekend, Orleans Hotel, Las Vegas, the largest event of its kind, bands, cars, burlesque. For info: Tom @ 562-496-4287 or
APRIL 19-21, 2024, ANRA Season Opener, Auto Club Famoso Raceway. For info:
APRIL 19-28, 2024, 32nd Annual Kool April Nites Classic Car Show, Redding, CA. Limited to 2000 entries, 530-226-0844 or
APRIL 20, 2024, Hagerty Cars & Caffeine Car Show at Sonoma Raceway Speedtour. For info: Toni 863-698-8620 or tc or
APRIL 21, 2024, 37th Annual Fabulous Fords Forever. West Coast’s Largest All Ford Show, Irwindale Speedway, 10AM– 3PM. For info:
APRIL 26-27, 2024, 37th Annual Solvang Datsun Roadster Classic. All Datsuns welcome. For info: Harlan Katz at 877- 891-8342 or

87) Book review, City of Speed: Los Angeles and the rise of American Racing, by Joe Scalzo. Reviewed by Doug Stokes.
“Throughout the adrenaline-splashed century of roaring and careening race cars that’s just been put to sleep, racing’s one almighty city of speed was the megalopolis of Los Angeles. Hilarious Los Angeles, lair of freaks and glorious eccentrics that all the rubes in the sap-head sticks love to hate! Goofy Los Angeles, holy oasis for the radically enlightened, where the endless sun and finely poisoned smog invigorate the mind. Cool Los Angeles, where soft currents fan across the blue western ocean, massaging the soul.” (to be continued in the next issue of the Motorsports Newsletter)

88) I had a 2nd long meeting with Oliver Wang as he wants to revisit the Exhibition I did for the Japanese/American National Museum, “Nisei in Motorsports Pre WWII” and it was a “could of and would of” moment, as some of the top racers and engine developers were the Nisei and all was dashed away with Executive Order 9022 with only 48 hours to move and take only 2 suitcases per person, leaving Hot Rods and everything else behind as there could have been Oka Manifolds and Sakai Cams and who knows what else. Vic Edelbrock Sr did store a few Nisei Hot Rods during WWII. Ernie and Elaine Nagamatsu
AND: Here is the letter from Oliver Wang.
As the forwarded email explains, the Japanese/American National Museum is looking for a copy of the August 1949 Russetta Timing Association (RTA) program to borrow for a 2025 exhibit on Japanese/American car culture in Southern California. While Japanese/American racers were part of both SCTA and RTA events from that era, the August 1949 RTA event may have had the largest critical mass of Japanese/American racers participating. This list comes from Jim Miller at the American Hot Rod Foundation (AHRF) who used to have a scanned version of the program from 20 years ago; we’ve actually spoken to the children of several of the people listed here:
AND: Here is the list that Jim Miller and I put together from our programs and documents.
Nob S. Hori, Rotors #327, or Steve Hori April 1949, May 1949.
Frank Ige, Rotors #418
Kozo Ikemi, or Ikeme, Vultures #268. April 1949, May 1949, June 1949, September 1949.
Mas Kakibi, Turtles #347
Yoke Kuromi, Turtles #370, June 1949.
Harry Maeda, A.R.C. American Racing Club) #105, May 1949, June 1949.
Mate Nakasaki, Turtles #239, June 1949, or Motor Nakasako, Turtles #368
George Nomura, Turtles #282, May 1949, June 1949.
Kei Nitta, Turtles #373, or Kuicki Nitto, Turtles #252, May 1949, June 1949.
Larry Shinoda, Rev’s #268
Tatsuo Sueda, Rod Riders #533, also #274, June 1949.
H. Tsukashima, Turtles #372
Kaz Uyehara, Turtles #244, June 1949.
Oliver Wang Project Curator, Japanese/American National Museum Cruising J-Town: Behind the Wheel of the Nikkei Community.
AND: We are leaving soon for Goodwood Members Meeting Races April 13-14, 2024, racing our Old Yeller II Buick Special. We are so humbled, and I remember as a kid roaming one farm plot at Mile Square and with my Daisy BB gun scaring off sparrows from eating new planted lettuce seeds and watching Hot Rods enter on weekend for Drag Races (I have a plaque from Balchowsky Archives- “Ina Balchowsky, 1st Place Women’s Div – Mile Square Drags”). Ernie Nagamatsu
ERNIE: Do you know that you might be the last person alive who remembers the drag races held at the Orange County Mile Square Park’s emergency helicopter/airplane landing strip? I used to take my niece and granddaughters there to look for lost golf balls and to watch the miniature airplanes race. The concrete pads are no longer there as another golf course has taken its place and our history has been lost.

89) Hidden Pioneers Bring you the Industry Leaders of today & tomorrow of Transportation & Technology. Meet & talk with some of these Pioneers at the Summit.NASA “COOL” video to watch & share:

90) Discussions are already underway about expanding the “Historic Sportscar Racing (HSR) Classics” events into motoring festivals as well as the events being combined into a vintage and historic endurance championship on the annual HSR calendar. A contemporary similarity could be a vintage and historic version of the IMSA Michelin Endurance Cup, but that isn’t the only possibility for the HSR Classics to have a modern-day connection. From: adam.

91) F1 Australian Grand Prix Notebook: No Quick Fix to Williams Car Shortage Nikita Mazepin, Formula 1 exhibition in North America, Oliver Bearman and more in this week’s wrap-up. As the leader was about to capture the white flag this Saturday, Marco Andretti’s truck lost its complete rear axle in the Xpel 225 NASCAR Truck Race at the Circuit of The Americas. Alex Palou Dominates in a Weird IndyCar Weekend at the Thermal Club IndyCar’s televised experiment in the non-points $1 Million Challenge turned into the Palou Show. Just over two weeks removed from missing a Grand Prix due to surgery Carlos Sainz benefits from Max Verstappen’s woes to win in Melbourne. Alan Ampudia Takes Ford Raptor to Win in the SCORE San Felipe 250 Season-opening event of the four-race SCORE World Desert Championship goes to Ensenada local. Rain Forces NHRA To Move Winternational Finals To Phoenix Whoever said it never rains in California must have not been an NHRA fan. Autoweek, a Hearst Autos publication, 300 West 57th Street, New York, NY. Sent in by Don Smith dcs1755.

92) Nita Underwood is trying to sell Jack’s old 1929 Ford Roadster for Sale – All Metal. Registered – non-op. License plates (2) show 1967 tags. Channeled. New Mallory distributor. Starts but won’t run…Carburetor? ’32 Ford Grill. Two Stromberg “97 Carburetors. Original Auburn Dash – all new gauges. Need fittings for fuel gauge to check carburetor. Duke Hallock windshield – Polished cast aluminum. Removable Original BELL steering Wheel. Repo aluminum aircraft seats. Flathead (Ford) formerly owned by Jack Plymell of Long Beach, CA (now deceased). ’39 Ford transmission. Edlebrock heads BLOCK. Hydraulic brakes (approx. 1940 Ford) currently not connected. (2) electric fuel pumps: one for show, one for looks. May need both. Need to test. ’39 Ford Blue Dot rear lights. Rims, Bent Spoke wire wheels, Kelsey Hays aftermarket. Ascot dirt-track tires 16-inch rims Firestone FRONT 500-16, Firestone REAR 700-16. ’40 Ford Rear End. Nita Underwood at nitaunderwood and/or Gene Barbee at saltrcr.

93) Although I still have all my Nor Cal connections I have retired and relocated to the Pacific Northwest. Presently I am helping out at Walt Austin Racing and as you know Walt and Pat were inducted into the Drag Racing Hall of Fame. I will try to help keep you apprised of the activities here. Skip Govia at sg1racing.

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