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2004 Yukon Denali w/dual automatic climate control

So I've stopped getting good heat out of my dash. Now that it's winter in Iowa, I'd really like to have heat.

I had a local shop check things over (friend's place) and they originally thought maybe it just needed a good coolant system bleeding. They thought about pressurizing the system to push air out, but there is evidence of leak stop being in the system, so we've decided against the pressurizing for the time being.

They've suggested replacing the heater core and evaporator in the air box.

A scan of the system says that the blend door actuator has an issue and that needs to be replaced. What they wanted to do was replace all the actuators with new and get everything all done at one time.

Completely disassemble the dash and pull the heater box. Replace the core and evaporator and all actuators. Roughly a $1200 all day job.

That's a large chunk of change that I really don't have. So, I kind of want to attempt this myself. I'm not afraid of tearing things apart. I just want to make sure I purchase the right items. Does anyone have any info on part numbers for all these parts?


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