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Its been a long time!

It's been a longtime! I really hope the brains of this forum are still around!

Long story short I moved to mainland U.S. ,have lived in 3 states and finally settled down and bought a property in MI :)
Me being me I just couldn't resist the urge for speed and tracks, but at my age I wouldn't want to get hurt, so I downsized my bike, and built my own backyard track, all that know me will know I put my heart into this "project" :rotate:

So you will see that according to Google Earth there are trees in the way of the track but I promised I've spent weeks cleaning up by myself, so the line is relatively clear. It's also starting to dry out so now I can use the rearmost part , which is still pretty darn slick , I gotta fix those bumps because they mess my corner speed pretty bad :D

My reference laptime is 1:26

I started out at casual pace and then went for the best I could do at the time, without violating the bikes break in period and my own limits lol

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