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Watch incredible moment world’s sexiest volleyball star Kayla Simmons fearlessly swims with sharks

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KAYLA SIMMONS produced more Jaws-dropping content online by diving in the deep end with SHARKS.

The social media superstar has become a huge favourite across the globe after being dubbed the ‘World’s Sexiest Volleyball player‘.

instagram @kaylasimmmons
Kayla Simmons has caused a stir celebrating Shark Week[/caption]
Instagram / kaylasimmmons
The ‘World’s sexiest Volleyballer’ jumped straight into the deep end[/caption]
Instagram / kaylasimmmons
Kayla displayed plenty of flesh as she swam next to a series of sharks[/caption]
Instagram / kaylasimmmons
Fans were still drawn to her peachy behind despite the huge beast she was next to[/caption]

The American, 28, played the sport for Marshall University.

But she switched to a career in modelling and social media influencing and she has not looked back.

Kayla boasts over 1 million followers on Instagram alone and she regularly treats them to a host of sexy snaps.

From giving her fans an eyeful in her birthday celebrations in Los Angeles to lounging around in tiny bikinis on the sand, she very rarely disappoints her ever-growing band of supporters.

And she still shows off some of her sporting prowess.

Kayla recently stunned everyone by nailing an amazing basketball shot with hardly anything on last month.

Now it is her swimming abilities that she is showcasing – as well as her nerves of steel – as she celebrated Shark Week in the States.

Brave Kayla shared several clips of herself diving into the unknown and swimming amongst a host of different shark species.

And she boldly decided to ensure that there was plenty of flesh on display for both the beasts of the sea and her Insta followers.

The footage seemed to have been shot over several days, as she sported a tiny pink bikini in one that showed off her peachy bum, while there was also a white one featured.

Some of her others were a bit more reserved, although they still managed to show some cleavage.

But you could still make out her beautiful behind despite her looking like a dot next to a huge whale shark. 

And her admirers were quick off the mark to jump into her comments, with one writing: “Omg these shots are insane!!!!”

Another said: “Apparently there’s sharks in these videos but I’ve watched these loads and I just haven’t noticed them.”

A third said: “You could be Mera of Atlantis or something swimming with all the creatures.”

Another commented: “I’m not sure which one is more beautiful you or the sharks. My breath is taken away by the true beauty of these pictures.”

As a fifth added: “Idk what to look at more lol.”

Shark Week was originally devoted to conservation efforts and correcting misconceptions about sharks but it has now grown to become a major hit on the Discovery Channel.

And, since 2010, it has been the longest-running cable television programming event in history in the US.

Instagram / kaylasimmmons
Fans admitted that they barely noticed the sharks[/caption]
Kayla Simmons has never been shy to show off her behind on Instagram[/caption]
Instagram @kaylasimmmons
The beautiful American has amassed a huge following on Instagram[/caption]
instagram @kaylasimmons
Kayla regularly wows her followers with sexy and raunchy snaps[/caption]
instagram @kaylasimmons
Her popularity continues to grow with each post she makes[/caption]
Kayla boasts a following on Insta of over one million[/caption]


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