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Three Other Teams Were On Justin Fields’ List Of Trade Destinations

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Justin Fields gave his all in three years with the Chicago Bears. Sadly, things never quite came together. While there were moments of brilliance, he never quite found the consistency as a passer to justify the team passing on a quarterback with the #1 pick twice. GM Ryan Poles decided to trade the quarterback this off-season. In most circumstances, the team would seek out the best possible return and send the player there. However, after what Fields endured and what he meant to the locker room, Poles decided to give the QB some say in his next home.

According to Brook Pryor of ESPN, Fields gave the Bears a list of preferred trade destinations. It included four teams. Among them was the one he ultimately ended up on, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Perhaps even more interesting were the other three.

Chicago, intending to move the three-year starter as it prepared to select a quarterback with the No. 1 pick in April’s draft, was willing to give Fields some say in his next destination. The Steelers were one of four teams on Fields’ radar prior to the start of free agency, along with the Vikings, Raiders and Falcons, a source familiar with Fields’ thinking said.

Fields “thought highly of Tomlin,” one source close to the quarterback said.

Atlanta makes sense. Fields is a Georgia native. Getting to play on the team where his idol Michael Vick suited up would’ve been appropriate. Las Vegas has a nice setup with their dome, warm weather, and go-to receiver in Davante Adams. Minnesota is the most interesting. No doubt he’d love to throw to Justin Jefferson and Jordan Addison. There is no way the Bears would allow that, though.

The Bears knew what they were doing sending Justin Fields to Pittsburgh.

Poles said it was because they felt the Steelers offered him the clearest avenue to playing time. That is likely just a partial truth. In reality, they sent him there because Pittsburgh is an AFC team. The Bears won’t have to play them outside of once every four years. Sending him to teams like Minnesota or Atlanta would’ve meant he’d play them more frequently. They had no plans to chance the possibility he would undergo a career rebound, forcing fans to see his success up close. If he excels in Pittsburgh, at least it will be the AFC’s problem.

Justin Fields will go down in Bears history as a big what-if. Nobody would categorize him as a disappointment. While he never reached his potential, it was fair to say he never had the best chance to do so. He came in when the team was already falling apart and approaching a rebuild phase. Poles did everything he could to provide help last season. There were positive results, but not enough. The two sides simply ran out of time. Now the QB gets a fresh start with a stable organization.



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