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Mics caught Guardians' Jose Ramírez telling Freddie Freeman he's 'one of the best hitters, after me'


As a perennial All-Star/Silver Slugger, Cleveland’s Jose Ramírez is undoubtedly one of baseball’s top talents. One could easily argue that the star third baseman is the engine that drives one of MLB’s more underrated teams — even with his teammates finding ways to make incredible plays of their own.

On Friday night, with the Guardians taking on the juggernaut Dodgers (-275) on the road, a mic’d up Ramírez made some waves off the diamond.

In a conversation from the dugout with L.A.’s fellow star Freddie Freeman — who was defending at the time — Ramírez complimented the Dodger’s skills.

But not without also complimenting himself:

Amazing. While Freeman wasn’t on camera, there’s simply no way he didn’t crack a smile at Ramírez’s friendly praise/barb.

In addition to the first laugh, Ramírez and the Guardians also got the last laugh when they ended up beating the Dodgers 2-1. For one night, it appears the Dodgers were one of baseball’s best teams … after Cleveland.



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