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Using SYC Standard Courses - by: Paul Kelley

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Dear Racing Members and Race Officers, pleased to be entirely reassured that the Sailing Committee fully understands that not everyone is experienced and confident in running races and we also fully appreciate the many complexities and variables involved in this very challenging role and environment. Therefore, the Sailing Committee has given much thought into how we can, in someway, help make things a little easier for our Race Officers, especially in setting courses . A Sub-Committee, which was made up of experienced and expert sailors and racers, acting on behalf of Sailing Committee, looked at and designed at length, a library of seventy two “ SYC Standard Courses “, which has now created a of course option for all wind directions, strengths and tidal states to select on Race Manager, using the compass rose, with very many again to Mark Elkington.

Please note the link to the Race Manager “Compass Rose” demo, guiding Race Officers on how to select an appropriate course for the wind direction and conditions . If the wind is from the South, simply tap on the Compass Rose accordingly to find the most appropriate course for that day 

The Sailing Committee is extremely keen to promote the use of these “ SYC Standard Courses “ and indeed, is strongly advocating their use for all our club races . This directive has been introduced by the Sailing Committee, not only to simplify this aspect of race management for the Race Officers but also to help improve and standardise the quality of the courses being set and ultimately, the quality of our club racing. Should any Race Officer on the day of their duty, experience any concern with this directive and or in using the new course selection software on Race Manager, we most respectfully invite you to find and speak with either the Vice Commodore, Flag Captain and or the Sailing Secretary for assistance, whereupon we will be only too pleased to offer our full support and guidance . 

The Sailing Committee would certainly very much appreciate and indeed, be most grateful to Race Officers, for their kind help in supporting the use of these standard courses, not only to help you as the Race Officer but also to help and support the Sailing Committee to improve the standard and again, quality of our club racing for everyone .

Paul Kelley - Vice Commodore on behalf of the SYC Sailing Committee .


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