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B0NES wrote:

Steve0 wrote:
Just announced a TV deal for all Catalan home and away games to be shown on French and Spanish TV...IMG influence appears to be paying off

I read this yesterday , And about time too . More exposure for the game and Catalans wont be a bad thing .Bernard Guasch should be over the moon at this news and hopefully if TO get promoted , It would certainly add more exposure of the game within France .

That’s good news for the sport as the more exposure it can get from the media the more the game will flourish.

Still think the game needs to expand the SL to at least 14 teams and Toulouse would add to the sport on top of the deal.

The only issue is lack of quality players available to run 14 SL teams which is why the lack of any player development in the criteria from the IMG grading is a strange omission and a negative.

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