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Leeds Rhinos • Re: RD 26 | Catalans Dragons (A)

KaeruJim wrote:

I think Newman is playing injured. He picked up a knock at Hull and given his lack of speed and commitment on the intercept yesterday I’d say he isn’t 100%.

He wasn’t great in D a couple of times but then he often isn’t.

Is he really a team player or is he a show boater who causes disruption? Answers on a post card.

Answers on a postcard ffs didn't you watch the game they got their ar@%s handed to them all Newman is the least of the problems a decent man would hold his hand up and say I put this team out today and they followed up the weeks training plan I put together! I'm standing down as I'm incapable of altering my philosophy of how "I" think the team should play.

Statistics: Posted by RAPIDO — Sun Sep 17, 2023 5:00 pm



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