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Huddersfield Giants - claretandgold.co.uk • Simon Woolford

So after a week of folk crying about the club treating woolford so badly and hounding him out it appears that he has walked of his own accord.
However this is still the clubs fault?

People appalled by the fact that we haven’t moved heaven and earth for a coach that has lost more than he’d won.
A coach that saw us into a relegation battle until the last day of the season last year and a coach that has been fully supported in the transfer market this season yet we have near no chance of making the top 4 this year.

Some folk need to give their heads a shake.

Me however are right behind the club and would never doubt Mr Davy.

Statistics: Posted by Onlyonekendavy — Wed Sep 16, 2020 4:34 pm — Replies 25 — Views 3210



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