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Watch: Ben Camille discovers the world of karate in Malta


Ben Camille continued to discover the world of martial arts when in this week’s episode of GAMEON he experienced a new discipline – karate. Camille met with Malta’s kumite national coach Josef Antonelli who spoke about the benefits for youngsters to practice the sport. “The sport of karate is based on defence and strike and entails a full body motion for every athlete,” Antonelli said. “In Malta, we have eight clubs that fall under our association that works really hard to promote our sport. “Our sport is semi-contact and in several clubs, we have children aged between three years and five and we showed them how to move and throw punches. “However, it is important to emphasise that with the work we carry out with the children we make them aware not to use karate outside the gym. The sport gives great benefits to the children, particularly it instills in them self-confidence and discipline.” Continue reading this article on SportsDesk, the sports website of the Times of Malta



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