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Donna Hanson Returns to Judo Canada Board of Directors

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Montréal, May 9, 2024 – Donna Hanson, who served as president of Judo BC for five years, has rejoined the board of directors of Judo Canada. The manager has been eligible to occupy a seat on the national federation’s board since leaving Judo BC last December.

Photo: Judo Canada
Donna Hanson and Gerald Poirier

Her first stint at Judo Canada, where she represented Western Canada and the Yukon, was instrumental in convincing her to return.

“I enjoyed the challenge of working with a national organization. I really appreciated working with a great team, that was responsible and attentive to its members, be they athletes, coaches, or volunteers,” explained Hanson. “It’s a sports organization that is very professional and responsible, and that isn’t afraid to try new things.”

Hanson has extensive judo experience. Affiliated with the club in Vernon, British Columbia, she has been involved in the sport as an athlete, a coach, and a National A level referee.

“It allows me to see the perspective of each role, even if that’s not a requirement for sitting on the board, where each person has their own experience to contribute. It’s a good board of directors. I’ve never been the type of person who likes to make big changes. But I believe there’s a place for me on the board, and if there are areas where work needs to be done, I want to be there to help. Judo Canada is heading in the right direction, and I want to help them do that,” continued Hanson, who is a retired police officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Her appointment will allow her to complete a two-year term in a seat vacated by a departing member.

Nicolas Gill, CEO and high performance director of Judo Canada, is thrilled that Hanson has joined the board of directors, of which four of the nine members are women.

“Under her leadership, British Columbia has made enormous progress. It’s the province with the fastest-growing membership. Her tenure as president of Judo BC really made a positive difference, and now she’ll be able to contribute to judo across Canada. Her joining the board of directors is a very good thing.”

According to Hanson, the growth of judo in her province is the result of great teamwork.

“When sports were put on hold during the pandemic lockdowns, Judo BC did everything it could to stay in touch with its members, especially the younger ones, by offering online activities. That allowed them to get things going again more easily after Covid-19, and to continue to grow, since they had remained in contact with their members.”

At the end of her current term, Hanson will be eligible for another four-year term.


Written by Sportcom for Judo Canada

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