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Two Bite Gluten Free Brownies | Great GF Recipes That Really Work

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These two bite gluten free brownies are a cross between a rich chocolate cake and a brownie, and gone in just two bites! They're your new go-to GF brownie recipe.What sort of gluten free brownies are these?I used to pine for that deep plastic tub of two-bite brownies that you could find at Whole Foods. Do you know the one? Before going gluten free, I never ever left that store without at least one tub of them.I wasn't sure if they were brownies or rich cupcakes, but I didn't care. They were perfect in every way: size, taste, and texture. We were eating gluten free in my house for nearly 10 years before I developed this recipe for two bite gluten free brownies.These are not the super fudgy gluten free brownies we've made before. If you try to bake a traditional brownie in the wells of a miniature muffin tin, no matter how fudgy, it will burn. Ask me how I know that!Better than a brownie mixWhether you're gluten free or not, most likely your history of making brownies involved a brownie...



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