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Recipe This | My Slimming World Extra Easy SP Diary Week 2

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Welcome to My Slimming World Extra Easy SP Diary Week 2. If you followed me last week you will know that during my first SP week I lost 5 pounds. Well that is not technically true as I only actually followed it for 5 days not 7. But it still resulted in an average weight loss of a pound a day.I have now completed:A Slimming World Soup WeekA Slimming World Slow Cooker WeekA Slimming World SP WeekSo what is next you may ask?Well I was on Instagram a few days ago and was wondering what my fellow Slimming World followers were eating. Where they eating similar food to me? Did they eat smaller portions? Bigger portions? More vegetables?Well I was super nosey and decided to check it out for myself. Well…to say I was shocked was an understatement. I scrolled down and down and down and didn’t find a healthy plate of food until the 41st dinner update.I carried on and carried on and found that on average from people sharing what they ate on Slimming World on Instagram that only 1 in every 45 peop...



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