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Weight Watchers Friendly Chicken Pot Pie - 2 Ingredient Dough Recipe

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Author:Laurie BennettLast Updated:10/19/2022 Jump to Recipe Rate Recipe Pin for LaterWeight Watchers Chicken Pot Pie will remind you of your grandmas cooking, without all the extra fat and butter! This casserole is easy to make and uses 2 ingredient dough! Only 2 Smartpoints per serving on Blue and Purple!Table of ContentsIngredients for Weight Watchers Chicken Pot PieHow to Make Weight Watchers Chicken Pot Pie2 Ingredient Dough Pot PieThis 2 ingredient dough chicken pot pie is simply amazing, whether you’re on Weight Watchers or not! Is Weight Watchers working for you? If it’s not, check out my latest post. Still, haven’t signed up? Learn how to do Weight Watchers for free. Weight Watchers chicken pot pie really reminds me of comfort food, which is sometimes a no-no. So this usually does the trick when I am craving starches or just home cooking.If you don’t use cast iron pans, I HIGHLY recommend them. I have shopped for years for cookware that lasts. I always wanted nonstick, that is...



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