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Steakhouse-Style Creamed Spinach Recipe

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Bring a classic steakhouse dish home with this Creamed Spinach recipe. Tender spinach leaves meet a creamy, garlic-infused béchamel sauce for the perfect side to your favorite steaks, seafood, and more.I’m one of those people who goes on a side dish extravaganza when I’m having dinner at a great steakhouse. Potatoes? Check. Sautéed mushrooms? Of course. Creamed Spinach? As certain as my sizzling, rare Filet.Creamed Spinach is about as classic as it gets for a steakhouse side. It’s simple, yet indulgent. Special, yet cozy and down to earth. Something you want to sink your fork into between bites of a juicy steak.With a few tips and tricks, it’s also pretty easy to bring this essential component of the steakhouse experience to your own dinner table. Get your serving dish ready!What Kind of Spinach Should I Use to Make Creamed Spinach?I often usebaby spinach in my creamed spinach recipe. It’s very tender from leaf to stem and has a slightly sweeter flavor than mature, large-leafed spinach...



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