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Get a Ruling • Re: Relief for ball blogged in the grass wall surrounding a bunker

Dear Thom

Thanks for your remarks.

Under R16.3, for a free relief see R16.3b requires that a reference point be established to define a dropping area. As the ball finds itself plugged against the green side bunker wall the reference point has to be that where the ball is located (nearest point not closer to the hole) and the one club defined dropping area is thus inside the bunker. Thus although the ball is in the general area, if the player chooses apply R16.3 his/her only option for the player is to drop the ball in the bunker. correct?

Alternatively with penalty stoke the player may choose the unplayable ball rule, R19.2a or R19.2b. If the player chooses 19.2c the drop would also have to be in the bunker, but the dropping area would be larger (2clubs rather than one club) and would take a penalty stroke. Correct?

Are these the option the player has correct?

Please confirm/correct. Thanks.

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